A way to make Money

One way to earn money

Not fancy tricks, just rush and sweat. Can I get paid and earn money playing games? Isn' it great if you could make a living like this? Truth is, you can! Two, you need to be willing to try new things.

This is a genuine opportunity to earn money with VR.

Every media has its own advertising size. Which will be the indigenous VR ad formats? We at Unity think it could be advertising for our own world. An ad in the avatar can be fully customised for a specific make. Surroundings that are completely tailored to the specific brands. Players who choose to see the ad move into the burned space so that it looks like a normal expansion of the play (they can open a gate or move through another type of portal).

First 20 seconds should make it clear what the display is about. For example, if the ad is for a coffeeshop store group, the room would look like one of the stores. Operator flux for virtually space: Within your central VR application, your customers access a brand room before activating additional contents.

You will be transferred into a completely burned universe - or a virtual space. Functions like reward-winning videos in a cell phone soap. Gamers can see an ad in virtual space as a way to reveal reward and new contents, which they don't care if the ad looks like a normal part of the gaming play.

One of the main findings of a recent Unity Ad survey is that nearly 80% of consumer want to view advertisements to receive reward and new contents. Instead, incorporate the ad contents into the imaginative contents and place them in front of many other persons. We have so many instances of this around us that we hardly even realize it: think of the Pepsi-sponsored Super Bowl half-time show; Happy Meals, which contain goods from children's films; or even the way advertisements and creativity merge in a clothing show.

Favourite collaborative samples of collaborative experiences between publishers and advertising agencies. Virtual space ad formats only work if the ad contents are appropriate to the match contents and the public. And when it narrates its own enclosed history in a similar way to the original work. We are all currently working together to build the VR ecosystem: Contents creators, advertising companies (and those who are wearing both hats), manufacturers of hard ware and Unitity.

In our opinion, this is the full range of the Virtual Space ad format's potential: it is easy, easy to use and based on best practice.

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