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Leaving with new skills and greater savings because you have positioned yourself so that you can earn more money. Building Chatbots and Earning Money A year of Watson Assistant Ministries to run 10 freebots. This is the great way to start your own online chat bot shop! One of the most interesting and popular technical issues is chatbots. This course teaches you how to make Watson bots and how to earn money by making bots to customers.

We will show you ways to resell your bots to potential customers on-line and off-line. We' ll investigate how to design and construct chat bots with a IBM graphical toolset. We provide methodologies for you to test, analyze and improve your chat bots. We' ll also show you how to use your chats on your website using a convenient WordPress plug-in.

By using the AI capability of the Watson Assistant, you can do all this without having to type a cipher! Why and what make Watson bots revolutionizing; What is Watson Assistant and how to use its AI skills; The most important principals of good chat bot designs; How to make your own chat bot without writing coding; How to use your chat bot on WordPress pages; How to sign up as an IBM partner if you plan to make chat bots for clients; How to make money with chat bots.

Who are chat bots? For whom are bots intended? With Watson Assistant, you don't have to be a developer to make useful chat bots. Basic information provided in this course will help you make sound chat bots that will inspire people. With your coding expertise, you can further develop your chat bots by incorporating them with other APIs as well as different information resources.

F: Is the Watson Assistant free? Watson Assistant is a chat bot that is available in the IBM Cloud. While there are some limits on use (e.g. handling 10,000 requests per month), they are quite liberal if you only create one chat bot. However, if you create chat bots for more than one client, you may find these constraints too restrictive.

If you are attending this course with the intent of making money by creating and marketing chats to customers, then this IBM promotional offering should be of interest. F: But I am only a college kid, can I really make money with them? Everyone can attend this course and earn money with a chatbot if they participate in the work.

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