Bow to make Money

Take a bow to make money.

Her bow and arrow is your best friend when hunting animals. Do you wonder how to make money blogging? Kill them with your knife or bow to get better skins. Take a bow hunt with you and use it whenever you can. Earn money with your video camera or your (smartphone) and a little skill today.

Earning money on YouTube

Did you ever watch a YouTube star's movie and think I could have done it?" Of all the flu boards, YouTube seems to me to be the most scarecrow. As YouTube recently announced, the number of viewers making over $100,000 on the site has grown by more than 40 per cent per year; currently, 75 per cent more channel have exceeded one million year-over-year.

But YouTube also has a more democratically charged look. In contrast to Instagram, where the largest flu players are themselves major stars (Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé), YouTube is ruled by local VIPs like Jenna Mourey (alias Jenna Marbles), Mariand Castrejón Castañeda (alias Yuya, a Mexico based beauty-logger ) and a pile of players I've never even seen before, but have a million supporters.

YouTube' highest paying celebrity in the game is Daniel Middleton, a 26 year old UK citizen who visits DanTDM and won his wealth (estimated $16.5 million per Forbes per year) through video of himself at Minecraft. The most depression earn anywhere between $1.50 and $3 per large integer look, message to their collection and gathering, and Google faculty not day decrease a regular payment draft for low $100 (or active 50,000 look - a fairly degree command for the statistic 14-year-old eye liner tutorials).

Or in other words, if you're looking for a simple side show, YouTube has never been the effective one. Instead, the triumph of YouTube requires patience and commitment. Celli Segars, co-founder of Fitness Blender, a YouTube TV show with over 5 million viewers, spends two years publishing new training video releases every month before she and her hubby could resign their 2010 job to concentrate on the franchise.

Still, without YouTube there probably wouldn't be Fitness Blender. "The first time we started creating free training video on-line, we found that most streamed sites charge so much money to deliver contents that we would never be able to penetrate the sector, let alone provide free contents to our (then non-existent) audience," says Segars.

Throughout these early years, YouTube advertisements provided much of the Segarses' revenue and worked well with theirtent. "There have been many ways to monetise, but our audiences are conscious of our attitude and appreciate it," continued Segars. What is more, we have been able to make the most of it. "Consequently, they have attracted a faithful public that is now willing to buy a wide range of training programmes and meals sold on Fitness Blender's website.

To other YouTube creative professionals, advertising money only goes so far, and a significant proportion of revenues comes from sponsorship and affilate commerce (when a brand offers a fee on a sale or transaction that the creator's contents controls). YouTube is a seamless way for your online partners to work; anyone can add a link to a product they've introduced to the caption of their own videos, and when viewers click through and buy it, the YouTube experience gets a little setback.

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