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Garcia C, Hernandez T, Costa F. Coach Carlos Garcia phone: García Pont is a professor in the marketing department and director of the MBA program. Mr. Garcia is an experienced professional in qualitative and quantitative research. Complete name: Juan Carlos Garcia Gonzalez.


Polestico Carlos Garcia (November 4, 1896 - June 14, 1971) was a Philippine educator, writer, speaker, attorney, civil servant, economics graduate, organised guerilla and Commonwealth army commander, who was the eight president of the Philippines. Gárcia was in Talibon, Bohol, on November 4, 1896 and was the son of Policronio Garcia and Ambrosia Polestico, both from Bangued, Abra.

Instead of immediately becoming a lawyer, he worked for two years as a lecturer at Bohol Provincial High School. His poems in Bohol made him well known, where he was nicknamed "Prince of the Visayan Poets" and "Bard of Bohol". In May 24, 1933 he got married with Leonila Dimataga and they had a little girl, Linda Garcia-Campos.

In 1925 Garcia joined the political arena and achieved an imposing win to become representative of the third district of Bohol. In 1933 he was appointed Governor of Bohol, but remained in office until 1941, when he successfully ran for Senate office, but was not able to service because of the Japan occupying the Philippines during World War II.

He was Ramón Magsaysay's candidate in the 1953 elections, in which both men won. Magsaysay named him Minister of Foreign Affairs and was Vice-President for four years. President García pursued the Philippine first policy for which he was known. Speaking at a congressional meeting on September 18, 1946, President Garcia said the following:

By the end of his second tenure, he stood for re-election in the November 1961 general electoral process, but was rejected by his vice-president, Diosdado Macapagal, who was part of the opposition Liberal Party (the president and vice-president are separated in the country). After his unsuccessful re-election offer, Garcia withdrew to Tagbilaran to take up again as a member of the family.

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