Dr Mani

Dr. Mani.

Dr. Nithya Mani is certified as a board member for endocrinology. Dr. Mani Kutti with a patient. Dr.

Mani Kutti plans to leave town without a doctor. Here you will find information about Dr. Mani, Krishna Cayman Islands including address, website, contact number, directions and more. Dr. Mani Menon is a specialist in urology and has the following practice locations:

Kunam Mani - Queen Street Medical Centre - Murwillumbah

Mani has been working as a full-time physician since 2003, when she completed her studies at the Fiji School of Medicine. In 2006, after working in Fiji for several years, the Mani couple relocated to the Sunshine Coast, where Dr. Mani worked in the various sections of the Nambour and Caloundra government hospital, and then simply chose to do emergency room and general practitioner.

Over the years, she has worked in a wide range of General Practitioner and Emergency Departments, from individual rural clinics, isolated locations, mine locations, after-hours home calls, the QANTAS Airports Bureau, and most QLD and North NSW government and residential emergency departments.

The Fellowship comes from the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and currently works as a general practitioner and deputy emergency physician.

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Australia

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The illness is not only economically very expensive, but also in relation to social and personal well-being, long service lives and wellbeing. At present, there are two panendemic global healthcare conditions, namely overweight and type 2 diabetes myllitus (T2DM), which are associated with a significant rise in levels of mortality and morbidity. However, there is no evidence that these two conditions are associated with a significant rise in the incidence of cancer. In addition to the treatment of adiposity, surgical intervention in bariatrics has been shown to significantly reduce the overall burden of adiposity and improve the lives of critically ill people ( BMI >35 kg/m2).

Mani Shrestha - RMIT University of St. Gallen

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