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S' more is a lockscreen reward app that lets you earn points when we place ads and content on your lockscreen. Earn money and earn rewards on your mobile phone or the Internet with surveys, cashback and more. The game offers many ways to earn money, but the following five activities are quite funny and lucrative. Let's take a closer look at every possibility of earning a passive income. Being a teenager can give you limited opportunities to earn money for your skills.

Collect points and cash with simple exercises.

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S' more - Earn money premiums

S' more is a lock-screen reward application that lets you earn points when we place advertisements and contents on your lock-screen. Everyday, we give you points in return for installing the S'more lock screen, and no matter how often you see it, you get points for your balance.

Simply use your mobile normally and get charged. Would you like to earn more? They can also fill out remunerated polls and promotions and use the referral form to earn more points. As soon as you collect points, you can use them to buy vouchers from merchants such as Amazon.com, Target, CVS, GameStop, Starbucks and others.

Expend the money on the screen! How it works: Collect points - We show you related contents and advertisements on your blocking screen. -You earn points every single passing date, regardless of the number of advertisements you see or click on. -Redeem your points for retail giftware vouchers and then cash out cash for the screen! Payed Polls - Complete polls for points beyond your lock screen reward.

  • Make as many or as few polls as you want. -Complete deals to earn points. Recommend and Earn - Use the Recommend a Friends function to earn extra points by splitting a recommendation reference and key. -After using S'more for 10 consecutive trading day and being entitled to cash in your own points, you will earn a 25 point reward!
  • You can recommend as many people as you like. We' re working really hard to be the simplest lock-screen reward programs. When you use S'more, you earn points that you can exchange for vouchers. In order to earn points, you do NOT need to know more about each ad or try to place as many ad's as possible.

Keep using your lock screen as you normally would. If you place as many advertisements as possible, you will not earn more. App YouTo summarizes everything, S' more is a way to get rewarded for something you already do: unlock your mobile now! You are rewarded for letting us show you related contents and advertisements on your screen so that S' more is the simplest way to make your mobile moneys.

So, if you're looking for a way to get free cash, look no further. What payment do I get? Once you have redeemed, we will e-mail you a unique voucher conversion number. How can I use my points for my vouchers? You will have to delay your first use for 10 workingdays after installation, but after that you can use it at any time if you have enough points for a bonus.

Which gift cards are available? Present cards are available for Amazon.com, AMC Theaters, Applebee's, Best Buy, CVS, Domino's Pizza, GameStop, Starbucks and Target.

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