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Pair feel wealthier and earn $170,000 less than before.

Live wage package to wage package, paid a mortgages, dishing out hundreds upon hundreds upon trainers collections the two were unable  to remain ahead of the play with their month's spending. "and Fayme made about $106,000, so we made very good money," he said.

"and we still don't know where it would lead. I had a gym shoe line and we even came to a point where a whole coat rack wasn't enough for our clothes, so we stuffed a bin in our cellar and at Kennards Hire.

So, they resold their Sydney flat and moved to Melbourne, took a major salary reduction and made sure their place of work was within easy reach of either their new home or local transportation. "Some of the best quotations I've ever heard is: "Being strange is OK, because being ordinary will make you broke," Miguel said.

Today Miguel and Fayme are living what they call a "minimalist" life style. The couple lives according to a tight schedule and a "no excess" mind frame - from the vegetarian nutrition to the outfit. "In the past, we were very responsive to our expenses; if we wanted to buy groceries, we would buy them," Miguel said.

Well, that's what we almost spent on a whole full weeks of foods. "The largest expenses of most humans are shelter, transportation and food," he said. Together, Miguel and Fayme will be spending about $1,000 a month feeding them all their meal and belongings, $160 for fun, and $64 for home-made caffeine.

Now they have surplus cash, which Miguel says they divide up at $800 a months for their stock investments and $800 a months for annual bank holiday. "You invest cash from other areas in holiday and investments, because these are two things we really want. What we want to do is to continue to invest and then make a living from the dividend.

"Life style inflation is very much a reality; if you earn more, you pay even more. "Administering all the numbers in our relationship, I make sure my spouse is conscious of the choices and sums we want to be living by. Do you identify with Miguel and Fayme?

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