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Have you forgotten to store your CV? With the creation of a notification of a job or the receipt of suggested vacancies you declare yourself to be in agreement with our conditions. Your preferences can be changed at any given moment by logging out or as described in our general conditions. There may be differences in the level of the reserve pay depending on the country, and you should ask your employers for your real wages.

Complimentary guessing game - Earn

"WOW... Login and find out that I have 14,000 points more than I did last night, the biggest gain before this (and only one) was 2,000 and I've been using the same numbers since 2003, only 9 trading day until Christmas and I'm thrilled... thanks and merry Christmas to all the members out there.

" "Mr President, I just want to say what a pleasant surprise it was to gain 2000 points in the Council match, thank you very much. "What a pleasant shock, I actually won the quiz. "Wow! What a beautiful Christmas present! Well, I just won 2,000 points in the quiz.

I wish everyone at RewardsCentral a Merry Christmas and a Merry New Year - look forward to more awards in 2016! "I was very amazed and very lucky to sign up with RewardsCentral and learn that just before Christmas I won 14,000 points in the free guessing game. Thanks a lot RewardsCentral, Merry Christmas and New Year!

" "I just want to thank you for the 2000 points in the Council match. If I get a web click because the points don't click automaticly and append to my points, I have to click on points to get them to append, if I made web click today and went to my points, I was wondering where the 2000 points came from and saw that I had won the quiz this mornin', was very nervous to have won.

" "What a great suprise to begin with, when my brains started to click that I had won 2,000 points in the quiz, I had just a while ago put a whole bunch of points on the awesome eBank and only then did I realize that I shouldn't have all those points until I reviewed my bankroll.

Thank you RewardsCentral and twice thanks to the guys at Kongessing Games. "It was a nice suprise when I opened RewardsCentral to find that I had won 2,000 points after nearly 8 years of membership. "I' ve been a member for many years and was so thrilled when I signed in today and found that I had won 2,000 points in the free quiz.

I' ve paid out more than $1000 in the last 2 years and am now on my way to the end of 2013 thanks to the 2,000 points I just won. Offering free quizzes, free quizzes, and many other ways to convert points into dollar, you'd have to be insane not to be there.

Thanks RewardsCentral You are really the best website that can actually make genuine money to paying those who care for their loyalties. "A very big thank you for the 2,000 points I won in the quiz, it was an autopick I did and I'm going to put those points in my e-bank, I'm so excited that it's the first great award I've won in the three years I've played.

" "UMG I won 4,000 points in the quiz. They have been members for 10 years and have played the quiz since it began, with a few prior 200 point prizes. More than 2000 points are worth! "It was a surprise to me to be able to win the quiz because I had an accident over Christmas and had enough spare Internet surfing and gaming time!

Thank you RewardsCentral! "I' ve been a member of RewardsCentral for almost as long as it exists and have played the quiz almost every single passing passing day. To win a few hundred points here and there in the last quiz was quite common, but to win 2000 points - incredible!

Thank you RewardsCentral! "a long part of my live was abroad, in Ireland, playing musical instruments. It was at this point that I started using the RewardsCentral page. "Wow! What a shock, I've won a few games in recent years when it was 200 points, but I never thought I'd be able to score so much!

I' ve won 8000 points, a big thank you to RewardsCentral. Beautiful early Christmas present. "Thank you very much, I have been gambling for many years and have only won once when the price was just 200 euros. "I was very amazed to register and saw 2000 additional points and very satisfied.

Just use a fast selection and sometimes use prior estimates. I' m gonna transfer my profits and start saving before Christmas next year. "Thank you, RewardsCentral. Recently I won 2000 points in the quiz. "I was so horrified to register on my RewardsCentral page and learn that I won 2000 points!

I' ve been gambling the match for years and only won 200 points a few time in the old one. "I' ve been doing the quiz quite well since it started..." And now I've won 2000 points twice in less than a year!

It was the first one with the same 7 numbers I had always used, but then I switched to auto pick and sometimes to "previous numbers" and I can't believe I won again so quickly. I now have some RewardsCentral points, but I still haven't made up my mind what to do with them.

" "I' m so glad I won 2,000 points in the quiz? With RewardsCentral, I'll probably use the profit to go towards Goldmembership. There is no charge to start gambling, but you need at least 20 XP before you can do so. "Imagine my amazement and happiness when I signed in and realized that I had won 2000 points.

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