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Hardness of craftsmanship and hope in the world economy, Antrosio, Colloredo-Mansfeld

examines how small-scale manufacturing and internationalisation are not directly combated, but are key players in shaping the economy. Antonio and Colloredo-Mansfeld show how craftsmanship develops in contemporary Latino community. Small producers in insecure countries have been preparing to hold their own in the areas of domestic manufacturing, designs, technological efficiencies and investment. Fast, Easy, and In Cash shows how these aspiring craftsmen, far from being held back by the past, are critical to making a difference to how they innovate within their societies through the use of capital, and how we should learn to grasp and nurture the importance of the community economy in this age of globalisation.

"Quick, easy and cash is a welcome touch of freshness in the studies of craftsmen." "Anyone who wants to gain an understanding of what contemporary business ethropology has to offer need look no further than this productive cooperation between Jason Antrosio and Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld. Posted in their typically linear, slightly amusing styles, Fast, Easy and In Cash Chart, a series of dynamic styles shared by the craft economy of Andean South America, but with apparent uses elsewhere.

His most important work is to anchor craft manufacturing and sales firm in a tabloid economics in a way that "destroys" several basic premises of classical/neoclassical economics and the representation of craftsmen themselves. "Examines what makes it possible for some craft markets to resist distortions of the market and to compete globally. Explore the value of cultured identities in maintaining collaboration between rival traders in communal commerce and the destiny of idea and innovations in an unprotected economies with emphasis on the "Northern Andes" side for more award-winning titles.

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