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Simple Money - Earn Money

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Make money quickly and easily with RDR2 guidance

Earning money, like many things in Red Dead Reduction 2, is seldom a quick fix. Much of what you do will only make you a few bucks at a stretch. There is no really best way to make money, but there are many ways to make a few bucks here and there.

Whilst it may feel as if money at the beginning of the match is difficult to get for a long period of your life, at some point - towards the end of Section 2 - you will receive a wind case for well over $1,000. Whilst you keep going on gambling the major storyline mission, you will still receive significant withdrawals and money will no longer be a concern.

Beginning with section 3, band members will sometimes provide additional assignments such as home robbery, trainer robbery and robbery of banks. Usually these are valuable the amount of free money (and the balls) you need to spend. Later on, shadowy postmasters will give you hints on cars you can mug. This is a fast task that can make you some money, but it doesn't come close to paying off.

If you collect the posters, you can bring the criminals back and ship them to a marshal for a (relatively) simple day. They won't bring you any new money, but you'll get $25 to $100 or so. You will collect a lot of ammunition and supplies, but you will also take money and valuable items with you.

A fence is a place where you can buy valuable items such as jewellery and clocks (so many clocks). When you find them and get close to them, you can browse his saddle bags - just make sure you pet them often and reassure them first (we've been trodden in the face more often than we want to admit).

Usually you will find useful supplies and money in your pockets. There will be a carriage fence in section 2 and a horsefence in section 3. As soon as you've finished plundering dead bodies, take the car or the villain's pony and pledge it. Stole stallions make you about $10 or so (this greatly increase if you are tied to the horse) and carts make you a little more.

You' re gonna be collecting a bunch of shit while you're chasing. For ( a little ) money, you can offer it to Metzger. You' gonna have to hunt a hell of a lot to make decent money, though. When you are cautious with the hunt, you can make the hunt much more effective.

Flawless fur is more valuable than good fur (which is more valuable than bad fur). When you are at it, make sure you use the right gun for the pet you are hunt. Whole ( perfectly ) cadavers are more than twice the value, which makes for a perfectly coat. Pets that are scarce in an area are selling for more than ordinary pets - you make more for an oligator fur in strawberry than in Saint Denis.

You will find useful objects inside and the casual bullion (which you can buy at a $500 fence).

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