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Homepage > IRT employee access. You may be able to make a claim if you are an employee who regularly works from home. You must set up a suitable work center for the employee before he or she starts work. An employee can be granted a loan partially or completely (the employee does not have to repay the loan). Homepage - Employees Home - Monarch Team - Employee Manual + - Department Manuals - Recruitment Forms.

Shared job myths concerning jobs

Occasionally, workers and employees have misconceptions about their workplace duties and privileges. It is important as an employee that you are conscious of your responsibility with regard to employee privileges, working conditions, contract, holiday and salary. Legend: You don't have to compensate your staff for the amount of work they have done outside regular working hour to open/close a business or attend school.

Fact: You have to keep paying your staff for all the working hours they need to work. Mystery: You can get your staff home without paying if there's not enough work. Fact: If you have full-time or regular staff, you can't just let them go home without payment just because it's calm.

When employing temporary employees, you can return them home as long as they have reached the required level of working time specified in their remuneration or arrangement. Legend: Long drawn-out samples of work without pay and paid traineeships and practical courses are fine for all young unexperienced blue-collar and white-collar blue-collar and white-collar blue-collar and white-collar blue-collar and white-collar blue-collar and white-collar blue-collar workers who want to put a foot right in the doorfront.

Fact: Unpayed attempts are only valid as long as it takes to prove the abilities needed for the work. Traineeships or non-remunerated traineeships may be legally unremunerated if they are part of an authorised professional education, programme or professional education and the work is carried out in accordance with the programme or professional education concerned.

Mystery: You don't have to give your staff salary statements. Fact: You must submit salary statements to all your staff within 1 business working days of the payday. Legend: You can hire apprentices without formalities. Fact: You cannot give an employee a traineeship allowance just because he or she is young or new; a registration for a traineeship is required.

Legend: If a workman has an Australian Business Number (ABN), he is an independant contractor. Mystery: Staff have to work for you for 12 month before they can take holidays. Fact: All vacation days begin to run as soon as the staff start work. Legend: Occasional workers don't get holidays. Fact: Occasional workers are eligible for paid holidays.

Mystery: You don't have to lay off if you find another place for the employee or if the employee finds another place. Fact: Redeundancy is paid when the employee is dismissed because the employee no longer needs to have his post exercised by someone, or because he is liquidated or bankrupt. Mystery: You can dismiss an employee during the trial without prior notification.

Fact: Workers who have worked for less than 12 month must be terminated at least 1 week in writing. Legend: As an employee, you have to warn your staff three times before you dismiss them. Fact: There is no statutory requirement that you must give three cautions. Although there is no statutory obligation, as an employee you may choose to warn your staff three times as part of your own in-house policy and procedure.

It is important to be aware of your responsibility as an employee, as a violation of your employee's legal position can lead to possible sanctions for your company.

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