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Log on to Employee Online (EOL) to view your roster. The Employee Online feature allows employees to book their holidays and request their shifts via an e-Rostering system called HealthRoster. Web Site CMS Login - Employee Online - Time & Attendance - Employee Health Benefits. Employee Online is currently only available through the internal district network. Only TÜV NORD Group employees have access to this area.

HeathRoster - eHealth NSW

HealthRoster, a new roster system, is introduced in wave after wave of local health districts (LHDs) and health authorities, and replaces several old roster schemes across the state. The system has been deployed since 2015 in 13 local health districts, the Sydney Children's Hospital Network, NSW Health Pathology, HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW.

In 2018, the system will be deployed and rolled out in Hunter New England LHD, Far West LHD, Western Sydney LHD and Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health. The HealthRoster allows executives to more efficiently plan workforce needs by times of year, days of the week and skills levels. Visitors get energetic feed-back on these metrics, as well as on the rewards they pay when creating duty schedules online.

Please refer to your Local Roster Administrator or SWSD at 1300 28 55 33 for assistance.

WhealthRoster - Rostering Portal

A nationwide routing programme has been set up to enhance duty scheduling procedures and practice throughout the NSW's entire NSW community healthcare system and to help Local health Districts (LHDs) make changes that benefit patients, personnel and organisations. You can find an oversight of HealthRoster on the eHealth NSW Intranet page HealthRoster (not available on the Internet).

The registration for all employees is done via NSW Intranet. Employees On Line (EOL) Registration for all employees is via your public healthcare intranet or via the intranet. Choose the following hyperlink for your healthcare authority.

Employees online - NSW Health Pathology

The Employee Online (EOL) is the online self-service feature for NSW Health Pathology employees to review duty schedule information for HealthRoster. Log in to EOL with your Stafflink number and your pass word. Forgot your username or Password? Please call the National Customer Support Desk at 1300 585 533. By the end of the wage term and make sure that what is in the list mirrors the working time you have worked.

Inform your supervisor of mistakes as soon as possible so that they can be corrected before your wage is sent for work. Failure to see your duty schedule when you log in means that your duty schedule has not been "fully approved" by your supervisor and has not been posted by you.

In this case, please consult your superior.

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