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Fallacy and Disillusionment: Rapid Money Programs in Papua New Guinea

Fallacy and disillusionment: Quick money programmes in Papua New Guinea. Doctorate, School of Social and Political Science, The University of Melbourne. Papua New Guinea's attitude to money and modernism is examined in this work through an investigation of modern "fast money schemes" (Ponzi fraud). Of them, the biggest, U-Vistract Financial Systems, gathered million of kinas from 100,000 "investors" with the pledge of a 100% return per month.

The U-Vistract asserted that it was a Christendish revolution of financial system globalization that would bring ample welfare to the Papua New Guineans. The U-Vistract maintained a morally based view of its bourgeois sponsors as sympathetic supporters of Christianity whose upcoming riches would bring "development" to a country disappointed with post-colonial state and society.

The U-Vistract researchers emerged from this survey as moral members of a trans-national European Catholic community. That is a surprise deduction from the investigation of deception, but it is all the more surprise in Papua New Guinea, where antropological interest has construed the "village" as the historical center where societal meaning emerges.

Here, the Melanesian cities show ethical and relational sensitivities that connect claims to wealth worldwide with Papua New Guinea's desillusionment of the national.

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