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Look here for FREE to see if there is any money you, your family and your friends are entitled to. Today should be a piece of cake. ( This episode is from our other podcast, The Indicator from Planet Money. Gain an accurate picture of where your money is going today by keeping track of your monthly cash flow - your income less your expenses. List of the best Bordeaux wines for the money you can buy today.

Finding uncollected money

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There' around $1.1 billion in stocks gone, banks held and endowment policy. What is not collected money? You haven't found any money to lose? Why didn't you withdraw money? Unused money is money from loose banking deposits, stocks, investments as well as insurances. That money gets wasted if you move and forgot to keep your data up to date at a finance institute or firm.

Any uncollected money that ASIC receives will be remitted to the Commonwealth of Australia Consolidated Revenue Fund but will be at the disposal of the legitimate holder at all times and there is no limitation in timing of claim. After 7 years, you will not be able to use a banking deposit if the deposit is not active (no deposit or withdrawal).

7 years after the expiry of the contract, no claims will be made and no claims will be made on it. Learn more about the unused Money Law on the ASIC website. Have you received a note from Westpac, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA or St George? When you are a former manager or stockholder of a de-registered corporation and your unsolicited money does not appear in the results of the query, it will still be transmitted to ASIC.

See when your money is up and running. Unused funds will bear interest from 1 July 2013. Learn more about how interest is charged. When you have carried out an unused money hunt and found some money, you should file a receivable. You can find the claims detail below for different kinds of money lost:

You haven't found any money to lose? FAO - Search the FAO website for unsalaried work. Below are some ways you can prevent your money from not being used: Making a Single Payment - For your banking account, make a small payment (even 5 Cent will do) or a small payout at least once every 7 years.

Maybe you were asked to make a payment for an unused money hunt or for a personal money hunt to find your money for you, but you can use our free money hunt. The information displayed on this uncollected money hunt is the product of submissions from various banking institutions, home loan and savings associations, cooperative loan associations, insurance providers, friend associations and Australia's incorporated businesses.

Every uncollected cash receipt within this data base receives a clear OTN. If you find a pertinent dataset (by looking for your name), note the OTN as you need it to assert a right. Will I use my name or the name of the late individual to find a health plan?

There is a slight difference between the record of policyholders and that of bankers and corporate insurers, as the policyholder may differ from the policyholder. If you perform a name lookup, both files are scanned. If, for example, you are searching for "Robert Smith", you will see every type of endowment that Robert Smith has either as the holder of the endowment or as a member of the endowment.

In no event shall we be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use or inability to use this money transfer services. Ask your relatives and your boyfriends to do a sweep and "like" us on Facebook.

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