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Realities of making money online

Every week I listen to people who want to know exactly how I made money with my Simple Dollar blogs or how they can make money with a similar thing, whether it's to start a blogs or posts YouTube video or write e-books. The article was initially published by The Simple Dollar.

First, the only way to earn money online consequently is to generate a great deal of online entertainment on a very consistant base. When you can't do that, all you do online is as effective as gambling the raffle. Secondly, if you are worried about making money in the first year of your consequent efforts, you are better off to spend your free hours doing something like Mechanical Turk.

The Mechanical Turk can make you a few dollars an honest dollar an honest man from the beginning, so if you only want to make a few dollars an honest man while you click around, that's probably a better way for you. So why don't you want to make the same amount of money? It is because there are a few regulations that regulate how individuals make money online.

Those regulations seem to apply to everything that makes money online. First, almost all the money earned online by online Creators comes either from advertising or from the sale of the text itself (e.g. as a Kindle Book). Simple dollars are rewarded by advertising that appears on every page, in e-mails and so on.

The Youtube website is selling advertisements on the movies that appear there and sharing the money between itself and the makers of the movie. Generally, advertisements are payed for "per view", which means that every time you see an ad, the individual who runs the site, or the individual who created the videotape, or the individual who created the story, only earns a little money (we'll come back to it in a minute).

Every goddamn thing you publish gets a little bit of noticed. If a new story about The Simple Dollar comes out, normal people usually start reading it within the next few weeks or so. This outbreak of trafficking will grow over a period of your life as you create an audiences. That'?s how you get new readership for your first push.

" Google will list your item or videotape and if they enter the right keywords, they will find your item or videotape. This is an approach to what you can look for in most advertising network that new videographers and authors could join.

When you have 100 readers reading every paper you type, you get a first boost of $0.20 per paper. But let us say that every old essay you wrote gets 5 opinions every single of them. That' enough to make a dime. Thus you are writing an item, it gets $0. 20 first, and then you acquire $0. 01 per tag for a long period of subsequent years.

Add another item, you get this $0. 20 first, and then it makes $0. 01 per tag for a long period of after that. You' re making $0.20 from this first story. Tag two: You make $0. 20 from today's item and $0. 01 from yesterday's "Long Tail" item, totaling $0.21.

Make $0. 20 from today's item and $0. 02 from the "long tail" of past items, totaling $0.22. Tag 30: You make $0. 20 from today's item and $0. 29 from the "long tail" of your prior items, totaling $0.49. That means that all your old items will just get a little more focus...and then a little more...and then a little more...and then a little more...and then a little more.

Every item won't always amount to a whole batch on its own, but if you have a thousand items up there and every single one makes $0.05 in advertising income a Day, look at $50 a Daily. In the ideal case now also this first "burst" grows. So if you have three years of writing and a thousand stories, you may have 10,000 frequent reader reading your latest one.

In addition, each item collects 25 opinions per tag on the longtail. You' re writing #1001, which makes $20 from the original burn, and the last 1000 items each have 25 viewers, making a total of 25,000 viewers, making $50 from the long tail, a total of $70. You' re writing #1002, which makes $20 from the original $20 burn, and the last 1001 items each have 25 viewers, making 25,025 views, bringing you $50.

Five from the long tail, $70.05 total. Tag 30: You are writing #1030, which makes $20 from the original $20 burn, and the last 1029 items each have 25 viewers, resulting in 25,725 viewings, $51.45 from the long tail, $71.45. But regardless of this, the same basic rule applies: you have to consequently manufacture sound material over a long timeframe in order to make money.

Only when you have manufactured a great deal of it does it begin to make money for itself in a dependable way. If I suggest to my folks that they should make Youtube video or launch a website to make money online, I suggest a very long-term side deal that requires very little money initially, but a long amount of work.

It' s also a side affair that will initially generate small profits and never go beyond them without much fuss, but as soon as the golf balls get going, it relies very much on itself thanks to the "long tail". "I think this almost perfect story is about my experiences with the Simple Dollar.

I' ve always printed out more than one item per tag and early on started producing several shorter items per tag. Still, I didn't make much in the first year of The Simple Dollar. And if that doesn't seem like a good way for you, then online authoring is probably not the way for you.

Making money online by posting and making video is quite possible, but it takes a great deal of initial work for relatively little yield.

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