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Get money | Online bank transfer

Money can be obtained in Minuten1 and in the most appropriate way for you. Where can I get money? Determine the originator data. Do you know the name of your originator, the amount sent and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)? Get the money. Money is available immediately after your data has been validated.

How soon can I collect my money? Once your originator has completed the wire transaction, your money will be available for collection in a few moments1. For your own comfort, you can follow your money order. You must give this information to your sender: Please review our countries information for the live connection to see if this is available in your home market and the information you need to give.

Which is a sortcode and how do I find it? Banking codes are a set of numbers that are used to authenticate banking institutions around the globe. Between 3 and 23 figures, according to the countries of the institution and the nature of the codes. In some countries, an international account number (IBAN) is used in supplement to the sort code.

You can also tell your originator your bank sort number and IBAN if required. How soon will I get my money? It varies from state to state. For more information, please refer to our information on countries for the point-to-point connection to the ATM. Here you can also verify the state of your money order. If you travel abroad, you can get money on the go with your portable purse.

Reception of money in your portable purse3 is practically as simple as sending money directly into your bag. Enter your data. Tell your originator your name and number. Get the money. You' ll get an instant text message as soon as the money is in your cell phone purse. What is my money in?

The money will be in your own country's money. Will my return address need a cellphone or a mobile purse? Your originator does not need to have a cell in order to make a payment into a portableallet. But if your originator has a cell telephone and decides to give his number, he will get an alert as soon as the money has been sent.

Is there a money transfer system in every state? is only available in select counties and carriers. Click here to see if your bank can make money payments in your own city.

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