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A PTC site is a way to promote a product or landing page. Marketers use this method sensibly to win e-mail subscribers and lead them to their product. Comprehensive guide for all companies you pay to click on dealer links on their website or sign up for special offers. Receive paid to click, paid to drive, paid to post in forums, paid to read, paid, paid, paid to search, paid to share, paid to test, and paid to write. To earn money online by clicking on ads, visit our Get paid to click section.

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I' m the normal guy who works at ITC Geschäfts and pushes forward the global project. Earn relatively well, but still no interesting moneys. I'] I' ve been hearing about paying to click businesses, and like most everyone else, I was sceptical as hell -:] Some research has been done and it seemed that many are already using this on-line shop to generate extra revenue.

A few and a half hours later I realized it was a big bug and sent them an e-mail as an excuse. What the site's secrets hide is that you can hire the recommendations and click them for 24/7/365 whole nights to make a living. I' ve been playing the ClixGrid, you click on the boxes in the image and you can get up to $10, regular user have 30 tries/day.

Videoclips, just click and deserve. Best of all, you can see which country the clicker comes from. PAYPAL $8, which I made in a few nights. My bank transfer was made within a 2 day period, maybe before. 3rd-site was CashnHits because of one important thing and it was AUTOSURF, just I launched this feature and it makes a lot of cash by click and even looking at the ads.

There is also an incredibly good trafficking programme with a great cooling gameplay feature. I' ve selected the site specifically for exchanging information for my own websites, but this site has many ways to make money. PROBUX was the last and fifth page, because it is mainly the copy of Neobux, but even simpler to administer, use and click on displays.

Usually the quickest click can be done here. The site also provides the rental of the recommendations, great. It' my PTC lifestyle now, I am living it, managing a few simple hits on ads every day and a little amount of rental recommendation spending but nothing else. The PAYPAL accounts smile at me when they receive the genuine US dollar.

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