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Earn money with Google

Quickly earn money with appealing ads and in-app purchases and gather user-driven insights to learn how to make money. And you can add Google ads to your app so you can earn a small amount with every click. As soon as it is popular, you get much more from Google ads! Hello @??

??? Google Local Guides is a volunteer program. No need to start Google to earn money on the side.


Quickly earn money with appealing advertisements and in-app shopping and gain user-driven insight to learn how to make money. Monetisation of mobiles via specific in-app-advertisement. Allow your clients to make simple and safe payment within your Android or Web application. Vendor subscription based applications, in-app and subscription with detailed checks to find and keep subscribers.

Create an application to effectively handle large or sophisticated traffic, reports and attributes workflow for the Campaign Manager. With Firebase, you get the tool and enterprise-class architecture you need to create better portable appliances, enhance appliance performance, and expand your enterprise. Offer your clients a quicker and safer shopping environment. Includes the Android SDK utilities and programming interface (API) doc.

What makes Google money?

Every single day we use Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Android or just Google Search. Where does the money come from? Does Google find it so simple to make all these things available to you for free? Google made 31.91 billion dollars in Q4 2017, 27.27 dollars of which are due to its advertising work.

Google's advertising operations are organized into three major components: and AdWords and AdSense, AdMob. And AdWords is the piece of code that determines what advertisements are displayed on the Google website, and AdSense posts advertisements on other sites. If, for example, I have a cook log and I want to place some advertisements on it, I would simply specify the location where I want to place the advertisements and AdSense would do the work.

The AdMob is the same as AdSense, but for portable use. To simplify matters, we will investigate AdWords, which is also Google's largest revenue source. The first thing the web searching machine does (and refreshes daily) is a web scrambling operation that is nothing more than create a web crawler, and frankly, it's relatively simple; it just needs a bunch of people!

So, if you're looking for a great value Z├╝rich hotels (there's no such thing as a smoke alarm), don't really look all over the web, Google will just show you the already subscribed contents and think they're important to what you're looking for. Obviously this has to be a training and besides the contents gathered by the sites themselves, your information is what it is used for.

For example, a basic example is that when you look for something and immediately click on the second score, it shows you that it might be more pertinent to your quest and might appear higher in a subsequent quest. Google's offer, and what sets it apart from the rest, is the possibility of placing personalized advertisements only to those who actually take charge of them.

In order to determine which advertisements should be placed higher than others in addition to the relative value, an advertising campaign is held for each item searched for. These auctions are conducted on the basis of the Vickrey auctions and are referred to as a generalized second prize auctions. However, I will not go into the peculiarities and the mathematics behind it, I will only say that it is a one-round sale that will win the highest bids but pay the second highest bids, and it has been proven that the dominating tactic in a Vickrey sale is to offer the real value of your item (compared to a regular multi-round sale that is as small as possible).

Suppose me, Bob and Alice are hoteliers and we want to place an ad on Google. When the offer Google suggests is $1 and that's the offer Bob and Alice offer, but I offer $2, then I get, my ad is displayed first, but I get $1 because that's the second highest offer.

That' s why Google calculates fees per click, you don't charge anything as long as nobody is clicking on your ad. That value is critical to the order in which advertisements appear and usually degrades Google's offers for low advertising content. At the end of the afternoon, however, you might ask: Do all these factors warrant the amount of money Google makes?

In summary, Google's primary revenue comes from advertising, which is highly dependent on user information. Google AdWords displays advertisements on Google's webpage, while AdSense and AdMob display advertisements on cooperating sites and mobiles. Fees are calculated per click and to define the order in which advertisements appear, an ad pepper media auctions is conducted between advertiser and ad qualitiy is taken into consideration.

This is how Google makes money, this is how it works.

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