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Explore six ways to get free money from the government. Where this organisation is unable to help, there are other programmes listed below which may be able to provide a grant. Financial planner, money management, financial advice, free financial information and financial aid. Learn how to get assistance with debts, one-time payments and rent arrears. When you struggle with a low income, there is much more money to help than you might think.

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When you need help with your money, there are folks you can go to. When you have problems with debt or invoices, try to get help as soon as possible. Contacting the business to which you are owed money as soon as possible, ask to talk to your "hardship representative".

Learn how you can request a severity case variant on our Problems with Debts page. No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS®) provides low-income individuals with a loan without interest or charges. A loan can be used for material items or goods or services up to $1,500 in value.

The MoneySmart website of ASIC does not provide money or credits, but is always available to help you with any money lending queries you may have. You may be approached by a collection agency if you are in arrears with your refunds. Collections agency is a party that is collecting money on your account.

When you are molested by a collection agency, call the ASIC Indigenous Helpline at 1300 365 957 or the ASIC Info Line at 1300 300 630. You can find more information under Handling Collection Agencies. When you have difficulties in the management of your liabilities, you can consult a free finance advisor. Consultants can help you resolve your money issues.

Further information can be found under Finance Advice. Employees of Finance Ability can help you draw up a household and teach you how to better administer your money. In order to find the closest person, please refer to the Department of Social Services' Grants Services list of services. If you are using the folder, select "Commonwealth Global Services " for the Commonwealth Global Services.

Human Services' Department of Human Services offers free, unbiased and professional information by phone and in-person. Centrlink can also tell you whether you are eligible to receive support, emergency payment or other welfare benefits. For more information, please consult the Department of Human Services Information for Indigenous Australians or call the Centrelink Indigenous Call Centre at 1800 136 380.

Non-profit organizations can help you if you are unable to settle your rental, mortgages, food or electricity bill. Disaster response is provided by many local church organizations throughout Australia. Find the closest ambulance: Department of Social Services - Search for local disaster recovery services using the Department of Social Services Grants Directory.

In the " Benefit type " box, select the "Financial crisis and material aid - Immediate aid" option. Churches and congregational organizations - Consult with your congregation, center or organization to find out where immediate help is being provided. As a Centrelink client experiencing problems of a financial, psychological or familial nature, you can use the Human Service advisory service through your own networks of workers.

Call your local call centre at 1800 136 380. Department of Communities - Housing, Please see the website for the individual branches' contacts. Check the Department of Human Services website to see if you are entitled to payment or benefits. Government and Territorial Trade Commissions can help you with information about reimbursements and guarantees, grievances about door-to-door selling, burials and other user questions.

Providing advice to the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander can help you with your questions of law, your debts and your loans, and it can help you with your will. When you' re fighting with your money, you' re not scared to ask for help. You can go to those who can help you get your money back on course.

Call the ASIC Indigenous Helpline at 1300 365 957 for more information.

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