How can I Earn Money quickly

What can I do to earn money quickly?

Uncover the secrets to earn money fast: You are about to learn some simple methods and tactics to earn money fast! Getting money quickly in the Stardew Valley - our guideline for getting wealth quickly.

Yes, I know they are sweet and make a little money every single night, but they also spend a lot of money every single night and you can't automatize their maintenance. Unfortunately, you won't be able to make craft products immediately because you need to improve your agricultural skills to get the equipment you need to make them.

We assume for the purpose of this guidebook that you will earn the most money in the least amount of space of your life, with little interest in making friends, reconstructing the center, angling, and other stupid, inefficient work. Inside the mine, make sure you dismount as soon as possible. No problem, here's a fast run of the best way to optimize your first year, every year.

Please note: Your abilities can run at a different tempo, which will vary, how early or how late you can perform certain actions. Their main spring harvest is strain berries, but you can only buy strain berry seed at the egg festival on 13 spring. And while you wait, grow a parsnip or a potato.

Be sure to make as much money as possible for the egg festival, and try to make your timing so that you can have a big harvest on the twelfth. Buy as many strawberry seed as you can on the thirteenth. All you have to do is grow them once as the shrubs grow back.

It takes them eight and a half years to fully mature, then they harvest every four years. This will give you at least three full harvests as long as you are planting them before the end of the thirteenth. Until the end of early spring, you should have developed your agricultural skills to the point where you can activate essential Sprinkler, so make a pile of them as fast as you can and design them like this:

Your summer planting will depend on how far you have improved your agricultural skills. When it' below four, grow blueberries - they are not separately high quality, but you get several per plants, and you don't have to grow them back after harvest. If they are harvested untreated, they bring the highest returns.

If you have leveled agriculture to at least four, however, you have enabled the preserving jar and should be planting melons instead. It transforms fruits into jams and vegetable into cucumbers. This artisanal product is twice as expensive as the basic harvest fee + 50g and takes about three to four processing day.

They always want to use the highest quality harvest possible in a preserve jar, so melons (base 250g, preserve 550g ) are a better choice than bilberries (base 50g, preserve 150g). Handicraft as many canned glasses as possible, as inexpensive as possible in manufacture (50 timber, 40 rock, eight coal), and you should have many minerals from miners to manufacture them.

When you have reached stage five, select Tiller as your specialization. It is not very useful because you will seldom sell rough field produce, but it allows you to buy up craftsmen at ten, which greatly enhances the value of handicrafts.

At this point, your profit on a proper clamp should increase, so increase the sizes of your harvests, make more sprinklers and canning containers, and improve your tooling - you might even want to make your first shed, a practical edifice that can house 67 canning containers. Hopefully you will be able to activate the quality sprinklers either in autumn or autumn.

The basic value of vine is higher than that of marmalade ( three times the value of fruit), but it does take about seven working day. Unfortunately, no harvests can be grown in winter, except for winter seed. Stage seven food search is needed to produce winter seed, and they need four different moving plant species to produce ten seed species.

By chance, wintry seed grows wintry plant species (crocus, crystal fruit, snow yam, wintry root) that are not too valuable, but it is better than nothing. Winters will be a thin one. However, if you succeed in building the greenhouse before the onset of cold, the process will be much smooth.

Every culture can be grown in a greenhouse at any period of the year - as long as you have kept some seed from a past period, you are gold. It'?s a good moment to discuss old fruit. One of the most productive cultures in the pack, Ancient Fruit has a basic cost of 550 grams per item (1150 grams per glass of jam), and it is grown in all seasons except winter.

In order to cultivate them, you must find an artefact in the ancient seeds that you can give to the bank in exchange for a package of old seeds that can be planted and the formula to convert all your upcoming seeds artefacts into versions that can be planted. It will take a whole months for this old sperm strain to develop and every seven working days it will produce an old fruit.

Store them in a trunk (don't be afraid, they won't mold) until you have reached Farming Levels nine, where you activate Seed Maker. As soon as you have that, you can put each piece of juice into it to produce one to three old beans. Grow these, reap them, turn them into seed. When you can collect enough old seed, you can grow a full yield at the beginning of early spring and just pick it all year round.

You' gonna have more money than you know what to start with in no timeframe.

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