How does Google make Money

What makes Google money?

AdSense from Google allows advertisers to join the network and display ads on the site. So how does Google make money? Is it even making money? Which is the main source of income of Google? To sum up, how much money you will make with Adsense depends on it:

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Google earned 2.5 billion pounds in the UK last year. How does a business earn so much money when it seems to offer all its free service? Googles is an advertiser and its greatest products are you, the users. Google owns nearly 90 percent of the UK online searching engine industry, and nearly 96 percent of Google's revenues still come from advertisements.

The website delivers 1 billion results worldwide every single-day and serves millions of advertisements. Our flagship products are a vast user base and comprehensive information about their behavior on the web. We use this information to compare businesses with prospective clients and to serve advertisements that consumers are more likely to click.

YouTube, Gmail and Gmail all use your browsing preferences to analyze your behavior. In addition, Google follows your browsing patterns through its analytical and adsense code encapsulated in web pages to keep your interests outside of your browsing. Businesses use Google AdWords to display their results to targeted groups using the company's sophisticated algorithm.

The AdWords is a cost-per-click feature, so if you don't click on a hyperlink, Google doesn't make money directly from your quest. The AdWords accounts for around 70 percent of the company's total ad revenues. By 2011, the main promotional industries were finances, insurances, retail trade and travels and the most costly keywords were insurances, credits and mortgages.

Google's AdSense allows marketers to join the Google AdSense ecosystem and serve advertisements on the site. There are a large number of UK newsgroups using this feature, so when you sign up to get the latest scans, Google earns money and is learning more about your web surfing patterns. Screen ad is usually billed at per page per view because the vast amount of web ad space is often inexpensively priced per thousand views.

Google is not just a searching company. Those sevices are costly to run, but help attract more people, create a trustable reputation, and collect more important information about people. Googles is anticipated to make $3. 5bn from YouTube this year as traffic will continue to expand and more scroll down online videos will be shown.

However, the business also shares assets with those who publish pop video that contains six-digit sums. But YouTube has also developed into a "rental" site in close cooperation with Lovefilm and Nexflix. They dominate the wireless services industry by out-licensing their Android OS for free, but making a big return on their business through keyword searching, screen advertising and a percent of each store's sales.

Google's Chrome has a 30 percent stake in Google, enabling the business to create searches without sharing sales, as is the case with Firefox and Safari. The Chrome provides invaluable information about the company's web surfing behavior and has been described as an "exceptionally profitable" work.

However, with the domination of Google on the web, it can be difficult to avoid the company's range. In fact, Google gathers information about the precise locations of visitors using charge cards and portable equipment. It assures Google that it will anonymize all gathered Internet Protocol (IP) address data after nine month and cookie data in 18 month's records, and says it finds "the right balance" for data protection purposes.

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