How ro Earn Money

Earning money

Earning money in Pokemon Let's Go - Pokemon: Let's go, Pikachu! Whitepaper guide Pokemon Let's Go is where money makes the real money work. You' ll need it for everything from more Poke Balls to capture more Pokemon to remedies like bait drinks to find Shiny Pokemon. There are, however, some really sound ways to make money. Pokemon sweets that you do not need are recommended for sale in the next Poke Mart.

You' re getting these sweets from capturing Pokemon savage. As soon as you have already travelled to Pewter City, you can come back and talk to the elderly woman who has a daily slowpoke just south of the gym. It is also possible to buy any berry that you do not wish to use to catch Pokemon.

A last great way is to buy poke balls. Some NPCs, especially in Mt Moon style dunes, give you 10 Poke Balls if you have less than 10 Poke Balls in your stock. Now you can take these 10 poke balls, go to the poke mart and sale--

Go back to the neccessary, get 10 more poke balls, sells them, and repeats until you have enough money for what you're trying to buy. Below are some hints on how to earn money if you have already defeated the major match and become Kanto Champion. Try the Elite Four again and use Pay Days in every fight to raise how much money you get.

And the other great way, again, is to buy them. Our wisdom is that these luminous areas appear with objects every 10 mins. Here you will find really precious objects like Ultra Balls, Golden Berries and even potential Master Balls. There' good money to be had in the sale of these things.

Earning & managing money

This Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee guidebook will show you how to earn and grow money by milling the Elite Four, the Pokemon League Champion, Gym Leader Rematches and more! Making money / Exp. See what you can do after defeating the game! On of the most effective ways to make money is agriculture through the Elite Four and Champion.

There is no limitation on how often you can do this per capita, and it is a great way to make money quickly. Once you have defeated the match, you can do once daily rematch with the 8 Gym Leader. Having defeated Green in Cerulean Cave, she will appear near the fountain in Cerulean City.

Try them once for a re-match if you defeat the Elite Four! The best way is to breed them in cooperation with Elite Four & Champion. Look at how to turn green!

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