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Earn a lot of money with free apps! All you need is an efficient monetization strategy, so read the article and find out how you can make a lot of money. "'How much money do you make? It may sound confusing intuitively: How can such a website generate revenue if it has content that is freely accessible?

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Have you got an ideas for a free portable solution, but don't think it's a good investment? One thing is clear: the creation of a first-class portable device takes a long amount of your attention (typically several months) and above all money. Prior to starting the design pipeline, you should have a clear understanding of how your investment will pay off and how free applications will earn you money.

We' ve chosen to help you get your ideas to the point and show you how to make money with free applications. Last year's Mobile App Forecast by App Annie predicted that worldwide revenues from free mobile applications will total nearly $51 billion in 2016, a number that is likely to be doubled by 2020.

When you think it's the payed iPhone that makes up the lion's share making this massive turnover, you're mistaken. If you look at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store's main portable application lists (including games), you'll find they're all free. An overwhelming number of users on all five Continents favour free of charge mobility solutions.

Statista stats show that more than 250 billion free portable applications will be available to download by 2017 around the world. Regarding chargeable applications, Statista predicts around 15 billion Downloads this year. The development of a free portable application is definitely the right way to do your work. But before we show you how to make money with free applications, we want to tell you something else: the proper way to present the application.

Keep in mind that your user must be able to quickly find your application and quickly comprehend what it is for. When it seems an easy job to attract people to your application, you're wrong. Eight million applications (of all types) in the Google Play Store and two million in the Apple Apple Store.

Can you tell how many people will find your free portable application? Prospective customers should be able to find your application quickly by searching the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. In order to make your portable application easily accessible and accessible, you should give it an eye-catching name, an informational caption and screen shots.

The name of your portable application should be crisp and reflect the most important features. Although many programs have a name that doesn't say anything about their features, your application is likely to draw many more people to it if it has a name that indicates what it's doing. Take LINE, for example, one of the most famous Android games-free games on the Google Play Store.

Be careful about the name because it's the first thing they see and notice when they think about whether it's profitable to download your game. Let us take a look at a great example of a short but insightful explanation of Scrummer, a practical design tool for Scrum engineering team, which is available at the Apple app store:

You should indicate in the bulk of the manual what issues your portable application will help resolve and what features it has most important. Have a look at the Google Drive manual (on the Google Play Store). You can see that it tells your user what they can do with Google Drive:

The name and descriptive text of an appliance are important, but people want to know what your appliance will look like on their portable device. It is recommended that you include a text in your screen shots that describes some of the features of your use. Have a look at a preview of the LINE Apple LINE on Google Play:

They are more likely to act (i.e. downloading your free portable app) when they see a verse. Knowing how to pack a five-star application, we can explain the steps you can take to earn money with free applications. Buying in applications is a very common tactic used by tens of millions of apps in both the Google Play Store and the Apple app store.

Inbuying in applications allows people to buy something directly in the application. You have three main kinds of In-App purchases: Disposables are items that a single person can only use once: e.g. money or points. Usually, such in-app buys are used in cell phone gaming. Non-consumable materials are those items that the consumer buys for continuous use: e.g. extra functionality or ad blockage (so free applications earn money without advertising).

With your wireless solution, you can provide subscription services that enable certain contents or features for a specific timeframe. They' re virtually everywhere, and portable applications are no exceptions. Advertisements in applications are actually a tool of affilate advertising. Using in-app advertisements, you promote your partners' partners' product (apps, gaming, etc.) in your app and are rewarded when your customers interoperate with these advertisements.

That means you get rewarded for every click on advertisements in your portable use. And the more often your applications show videos to your customers, the higher the payment. Using this scheme, you are remunerated when a member of your appliance install an advertising appliance. When you want to monetise your applications with advertisements, there are many collaborative networking sites, such as AdMob and Flurry.

The majority of advertising networking supports applications on iPOS and Android as well as some other portable computing devices. Don't neglect to consider what types of campaign they are offering because you need to know exactly what you're being remunerated for. You have several options for displaying advertisements in your portable app:

This is because your user can continue to use your application even if a user has an activated one. Yet low click-through rate (CTR) ads are highly dependent on market awareness (users click much more often when a ad is promoting a well-known brand).

Then how can you get in touch with the user of your portable device? Virgin advertisements are smoothly incorporated into portable devices, making them subtile but very effective. Usually, you will see your videos displayed whenever a user interacts with the app. They occupy an entire display and usually appear when a user starts or closes an app.

And if you wonder which kind of in-app ad is the most effective, here's the answer: rank meta ad that has a CD R of 0.44% according to the above-mentioned eMarketer story. Rich multimedia advertisements use several ways to engage consumers, for example, audio, text, and more. You can earn money with free advertising in your application, but this monetisation policy only works with large audience application.

In order to take advantage of the free money monetisation policy, you need a second, payable copy of your game. People who like a free release are likely to choose a pay -as-you-go release that offers some additional features. In the case of a free-memium pricing plan, the user is usually asked to update an appliance to a pay -as-you-go release, and if they approve, they are redirected to an appliance stores.

Take a look, for example, at MX Play, a favorite movie viewer available on Google Play. There is a free trial copy of this portable application, but it contains ads: We offer our customers a chargeable copy of this application, named MX Players Pro. The monetisation feature is quite effective, but you shouldn't add too many features to your free application; otherwise only a few people will use the pay per use feature.

Normally it works like this: You build a portable application that attracts a whole bunch of people, then you get in touch with a sponsoring organization and suggest to upgrade the look of your application according to the sponsor's name. Of course, your portable application should be good enough to attract prospective investors.

E-mail was and still is a strong money making business. Using this approach, you can ask the user of your portable application to specify their e-mail address and message them later. But give your customers the option to unsubscribe from e-mail alerts as this will make your application more believable and make sure they know they're not getting a lot of spamming.

You can see that there are many ways you can make money with free applications. Every software program has a commercial purpose, i.e. it assists its user in solving their problem. Could In-App Purchasing be an efficient way to make a profit? Yes. Instead, you can choose to advertise or provide an ad-free edition with a free renewal plan.

Offers in-app purchasing, such as accessing extra features or paying advice. Unnecessary to say, such applications can also contain advertising. Clearly understand who you're building a portable application for. Create a profile of your audience and determine what features they need, how much of your audience is likely to use your application, and so on.

With a clear image of your targeted user, you can build an application that' s right for them. Although your free application can offer large downloads, the reality is that only a small percentage of your customers (you can call them the money spenders) actually make a profit when you click on advertisements or make in-apps.

Most of the customers will not invest a single penny in your software. Therefore, make it your objective to attract as many people as possible and do your best for success. When you are considering starting a portable appliance, you should conduct a competitive assessment. Browse the apple shops where you will be offering your free apple and look for similar apple tips.

Don't make your free application uncomfortable for your customers. When it is full of advertisements or in-apps, your audiences can stop using your application and set up a similar one. Apple makers should always keep in mind that their applications only generate profit as long as they are used by humans. You want your customers to enjoy using your application, so be careful and make all your advertisements and promotions as subtile as possible.

And now that you know how to earn money with free applications, you can give your ideas a chance and turn them into a true one. And if you can't manage the design lifecycle, our dedicated teams can help you create a winning and highly competetive portable solution.

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