How to make a Lot of Money on the Internet

Earning a lot of money on the Internet

How come many people don't make money over the Internet? It is worth mentioning that this happens in London, where there are many shops and restaurants. I have had many people who have asked me what they can do to make a lot of money now. I' ve got a simple answer to that. Other than I had many Internet marketer stories, mine was not just a meteoric rise to happiness.

Millions of female are "Internet friends" for money.

it looks like you're on a porno page." You are confronted with a series of mostly sparsely dressed females, and when you click on their profile, most description tends to emphasize the various photographs and video sexes that you can afford to see the females perform: striping, dildoing, orally sexing someone.

While some of the females provide the opportunity for chatting in camera, others give a little more detail about their own life than you might think - for example, they might say they have kids or are in training - but on the face of it, the distinction is quite slight, to say the least, subtile. Maybe MyGirlFund shouldn't turn out as originally scheduled in 2008.

Nobody got the fact that the boys wanted a true interactive relationship with the girl and now we had the tool to make this one. Free-porno spread like mad, and interacting was one of the few things they were willing to do. MyGirlFund therefore seems to have been conceived as a porno site with additional interactive features - and looks more like an on-line baby station, if you like.

And the more you speak to the females who use the site, the more you will realize that something completely different and more complicated is going on. "Naturally, it's not just about having fun, many boys and girl on the site want a boyfriend. There are many people I know who have recently suffered a bereavement in their families or who simply want to get away from the realities of their everyday lives, the stresses of their jobs, being bored and so on.

and just want to experience a feminine experience, which is perfectly natural. "Boys don't just participate for fun," she says, "there are many good reason why they can do so. For some, a surge of trust is needed to encounter females in the physical environment, and I would ask myself, for my part, who is better to give them guidance on what they do or should do about them?

"Many boys, for example, are lucky to have the fellowship they have with me here. They are already fortunate enough to be engaged so that face-to-face meetings with someone could get them into difficulties while it can't get too difficult on-line; they don't meet anyone and feel that they are betraying their beloved because they are not.

" EnglischRose23 is one of the first girls I ever spoke to on the website, and my first instance is a little skeptical. However, when I am talking to more and more people, I get a relatively clear and coherent idea of how and why they use the site. And the next person I'm talking to is Lenonie, a 43-year-old "happily divorced" southeast woman:

"She says that some of the boys just want to say that they don't want to live in reality," she says. Some of the boys think it's all they've got. You like it when a woman confides, shares things with her and becomes a boyfriend, so yes, making friends and it's great to have regular guests I know very well.

" And the more girls I questioned, the more I realized that their answers were honest. "I had long talks with here totally clean people," says LondonBunny, a 23-year-old who lives in London. "I' m freelancing through my whole lifetime, doing whatever job I want.

" "That' what makes MyGirlFund human," she says. "Not only do they want to speak about sexual intercourse all the while, and if they do, it's better to speak about it with someone you are connected to, and that's one of the reasons why the community side of MyGirlFund is important and a very good one.

It seems to me that the vast majority of people here know what is appropriate. "PrincessKiss, who is 23 years old, also says to me from the North and "What most young girls do, spend a lot of my life with my boyfriends and my families, go grocery shopping, go to clubs, read real crimes and watch scary movies": "I found some good boyfriends here, they can tell me everything and I can tell them everything.

The RoseXXX saves money for your trips. "I' ve had people who just paid me to chat with them, without asking for video or pictures, etc. I' ve had a lot of people who have just paid me to do that. MyGirlFund, for example, had a fellow who was frankly gay, who didn't want a romance with me, just an on-line friend. I' m talking to a girl who has the user name HollyBigBoobs.

Says to me, "I even caught myself chatting with my buddies on MyGirlFund about things I just don't get the feeling that I can speak to my familiy or buddies outside of this website. It' s actually adorable, and I'm sure it works that way for some of the MyGirlFund boys.

" Just like just about any woman I ever spoke to, Holly doesn't really change that person for her clients: But sometimes I also keep a low profile about what I am talking about in person. I' ve never had another person for my on-line world. Humans can see through it. And I think there's a genuine need to understand that the on-line and off-line world are not quite two different animals," she says.

WellingtonJo is a 28-year-old mom of two - "I work a full-timejob so my only other hobbies is my kids" - and as she says: "I use other pages and some of the boys there know me [MyGirlFund]. Well, I don't change the way I handle people, I don't change the way I speak.

When you can't make a deal, it's always been something I've been trying to find a boyfriend for. It' intriguing that some of the females I asked said they knew men and females who use MyGirlFund today as their main welfare networking, despite its transitional character. When I ask them about good and bad experience, they ring like any other kind of community networking - most of them are nice, but some aren't, so just freeze them.

Money is still important. NaughtyJo, like everyone I talk to, has something to say on the subject. They talk about the disadvantage of making money in dollar terms, and currency conversion rates: Much of the money I make here goes this way. Making buddies, but we have an off-line life and it's more of a monetary benefit to us.

Boys can buy genuine video from me and my mate. I' m not caming for this reason: I can't just act like I'm hungry for money. "Curiously, I joined mysirlfund to make new acquaintances over the internet who come from many different places. It helps to make good acquaintances and to make contacts with those you would normally never have the chance to otherwise get together in a secure area.

"I' m also using MyGirlFund to improve my finances - I know that studying will be costly, and MyGirlFund will allow me to actually go to college and actually make it a little more comfortable. MyGirlFund makes me myself, though possibly more coquettish than in actual living, because the page and the congratulations allow me to become more self-assured.

All of them aren't even interested in seeing you take off your gear or whatever - I have a certain fellow I pretty often chats with and we can discuss everything. is not a portal for adult life; it's a place to get to know new folks and have a lot of good time while you're at it.

" For all these females - regardless of their ages and circumstances - the website is partly a way of earning money, but it also acts as a kind of community networking site. "It wasn't my expectation to expose those who resemble me so consolingly here, but it usually happens," says LondonBunny.

"MyGirlFund is a great way to just unwind and get to know someone, away from the physical side of the earth, so to say. And I can be there for others who need someone to say something. That' s not all, I am appreciated", says EnglischRose23.

So, we have to ask why these girls really use the website? Money is important - and they earn a lot. It' difficult to set averages because folks work different working times on the site, but one of the users said they earned up to $55,000 in a year.

Would you call it a relation? All I want is for my folks to have the feeling that I'm here when they need me," says LondonBunny. "When a man proposes that we speak somewhere else, I just tell him it's against the website regulations... Chat is facilitated, so I try to keep him from getting into as much as I can get into trouble," says NaughtyJo.

"I would say that's what I'm offering - practically of course - but it's all so realistic for the boys and for some of them it's all they have," Lenonie says. Apart from the money, there's a clear separation here. What I think is most annoying about, unlike similar websites, is the easy (yet rather nasty) assumption it is based on: milking men and woman from their money by promoting on-line relations while at the same doing everything to keep customers and "products" completely separate.

Suggestion is good if you only go for face pictures for a money change, but the intention of the site goes much lower than that. They play with people' emotions and encourage beautiful girls to take advantage of them by being good cheats - anything to earn a penny.

On the other side, many of the ladies consider themselves secure because of the stringent regulations of the website. MyGirlFund is always informed in advance about the offers. Stefan Patrick says to me: "The overwhelming majorities of young ladies appreciate how we protect their private lives and would probably not be happy without them if we built strong on-line relations.

A part of the site magics is the girls' capacity to float the boys' expectation that he can tempt the boy to meet (and fall in love with) him in actuality. He says, "Not all boys have this kind of incentive, but it's usual and the winning young women keep up with the imagination but keep the line.

"That doesn't mean that the relations that boys and girls enter into on the site are not authentic. On-line-relations can be as profound and satisfying as in the physical world: Fifty-seven percent of our members said they were more open and truthful in on-line relations. "What he says is shared by the ladies I talk to:

It doesn't hurt if the boys think about not letting too much take over the real world. "And that' s the point: Does the MyGirlFund triumph tell us anything quite deep about how our company has evolved? Another tendency we have seen is that young girls who have grown up on the Internet feel good and have strong links with other people.

"They forge a new sexual paradigm characterized by an open mind for informal but secure experimenting and share intimacy on the Internet. Now we have a thousand and a half women who prove that you can be an on-line model/cam and yet the next one, this nurturing mom, this college kid, this present or prospective pro.

MyGirlFund is unique and prestigious for this new breed of girl. It is interesting to listen to what they think about this point of views. "Technological advances are our cultural heritage in the West, they have permeated our everyday life, so I'm certainly not surprised at how many users use MyGirlFund, not just to get out, but to connect and connect with others.

A few fellows say they have such a bustling life - business men and the like - that they don't have enough spare manpower to enter into a relation, which is why they use MyGirlFund almost as a tool to meet their needs. "MyGirlFund is certainly used by some folks as their main source of interpersonal communication, although I don't think this is quite normal, but definitely on the rise," she added.

"If it is hazardous, I have no idea, because I am not entitled to it; it can work for some and not for others. Convicting humans for doing what makes them feel good upsets my tummy, and that is so inoffensive. "I found a lot of boys who may not be so self-assured in the physical side of the business, but who have actually won the trust of the girl on this site, which has really aided them in the physical side, which is beautiful," added RolfBigBoobs.

She is one of several female advocates of this position. It' s not possible to say whether women's clients keep the same sound separation between on-line and off-line living that I saw again and again in the interview. More than 15,000 masculine members are serviced by more than 9,000 females, so the "truth" is probably a somewhat vague term.

To quote SunsetStarLola: "Personally, I think the sigma associated with foreigners on the Internet has come a long way. Especially when it's one that they don't necessarily think is the norm."

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