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Would you like to know how to make it successful? Making money with your yard this sommer It' s the right amount of money to make - or keep - a piece of gardening land that will earn you money all Summer, provided you have enough free space, enough drinking space, easy mulching and organizational capabilities that mean you use the available free space, enough drinking space and enough mulching. Get a pack of crimson mignonet salad seeds.

You can stand more warmth and dryness than most other lettuces. Every two weeks when the frost is over, put in a dash of seeds. One or two lettuces per salad per day recommended for lettuces and the like. And you could put the money you' ve been saving in gymnastics into it. And the more you use, the more you conserve.

Every season we are saving about 600 dollars, but then we are eating large quantities of lettuce in tavouli or noodles, casseroles, potato puree, maccaroni or even spread on top of pizzas. Another could possibly be saving $2. 50 on the bundle of material they keep in the refrigerator until it withers, then discard it.

Plan a shrub of Kirschtomat, a shrub of Gelbe Birntomaten, a shrub of Roma-Tomatoes, two shrubs of the Great Lisse for pastasauce, tomatoesauce and sweet-tree, a shrub of Black Crimea and Zebra to interest your taste in lettuce, and all the others that meet your taste. You could be saving $3 a whole dollar a night if you just want a single lettuce a day, then maybe four month long lettuce (let the greens mature, put them on the paper over the winter).

If you, like us, are eating gratins on the basis of very good quality tomatoes or chutneys or tomato casundi, or tomato-based pastasauces, then this will go up to at least $10 per person per diem or over the 100 working day of our tomato crop, $1000 not counting the glasses of chutneys et al. that have eaten the remainder of the year, or given to your friend who will then put a cake or glasses of marmalade on you in return.

Plan in the hottest, most protected place you have and keep feeding, drinking and mulching as well as possible. I have no clue, because I didn't buy any lemons or even look at how much they taste for half a Century. At least twice a year we use lettuce dressings or to refine hot soups, soup flies, pies or gratins, as well as the home-made, not very sweeter, but still lemony heart note that is available here all year round,

as well as once a year citron butters to give away and fill cakes, the citron custard, which must be prepared at least once a year, citron moss, citron wedges and Bryan's favorite poppyseed cakes, which keep well for a whole weeks or longer. Do your own math. Complete self-sufficiency is not to be envied if you have lung infections and have to creep out to collect maize, greenbacks and tomatoes for supper in the rains.

If you have the imagination to use what you cultivate instead of purchasing pizzas, it will actually be saving you a lot of money.

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