How to Raise Money Fast and Easy

Collecting money quickly and easily

Voluntary auctions are a simple and fun fundraising idea. Check out these quick fundraising ideas to help you reach your goal when you don't have much time. When it comes to fundraising, nothing is really, really easy. Money doesn't grow on trees! And the best way to raise money fast is to ask!

Seven "quick and easy" ways to raise more money for your non-profit organization.

When it comes to fundsraising, nothing is really, really easy. Many non-profit organisations need to rush to raise more money, for one or another purpose or another. Many of these companies are beginning the transition to achieve more with highly complicated, time-consuming schedules. Writing massive funding applications, calling major givers or trying to stage a new fundraiser.

This is a tough way to make more money. I' m not saying they don't work, or they're not valuable (in the long run), but if your organisation needs to raise more money - now - you're better off choosing the low-hanging fruits. You have many opportunities to collect money quickly and easily, such as a complicated funding application or a new intergovernmental deed.

In this way, we present to you the 7 faster and simpler ways to quickly raise more money for your non-profit organization: Generally, if you want to collect 10% more from your charity this year than last year, it is best to ask each of your present contributors to give 10% more this year.

They won't all say yes, but many will - and it's much simpler to get your sponsors to upgraded than to find a new donor who's starting to donate for the first year. And the best way to get your spenders to upgrades is to ask them directly... For your biggest spenders, this means getting them to sit down and ask personally.

This means for medium-sized dispensers that they pick up the handset to make the request. Smaller donations can have their request processed by email or post. Humans do not give (or update) unless they are asked. In order to find out how you can improve your dispensers efficiently, please see How you can improve your dispensers.

Expired philanthropists (people who previously donated to your charity but no longer do) are another important kind of low-hanging fruits for your organisation. Reflect - these are those who used to donate to your charity, then stop giving for one cause or another. Like all fundraisers, the best way to get to decayed philanthropists is a face-to-face call or meet.

You can also be successful with a screw post or email re-activation note for sub-donors. Expired philanthropists will no longer give unless they are asked. For information on how to re-activate your expired spenders, see How to Get Expired Spent Spenders to Donate Again. When you need to raise more money in a rush, creating a new venue is unlikely to be a worthwhile investment of effort, as venues usually need to take longer to ripen and become better (and more profitable) year after year.

But if your nonprofit organisation has regular plans for activities that are already in the book, a good way to raise more money for your organisation is to raise more money through the activities you will have anyway. Most of the non-profit activities are sponsored to a disproportionate extent. Intelligent non-profit organizations generate 60-80% of their revenues through sponsorship and fill the balance with tickets and add-ons such as auctioning and sweepstakes.

I would rather find a $10,000 advertiser and give away 100 $50 free seats to fill the room than selling those seats at the cost of the advertiser search. When you want to raise more money quickly - get started as soon as possible on attracting new patrons (and retrofitting existing ones)! Your best place to find new perspectives for your donation is within the Rolodex of your present contributors, directors, volunteers and employees.

Lastly, when did you talk to your present day sponsors to ask them to open their own reflexes and present you to their neighbours, customers, friends, sellers and co-workers? Begin now to ask each of your directors, contributors, volunteers and co-workers for recommendations. Since you will then have to raise money quickly, you are implementing the "four-month strategy" for these new prospective customers.

Did your non-profit organisation use the powers of websites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, DoJiggy Pledge or to run a crowdfunding initiative for your organisation? Running fundraising activities is a great way to quickly raise $10,000 to $50,000 for your non-profit group. Any nonprofit organisation has the strength to run a winning crowdfunding marketing strategy, and it requires less efforts than you might think.

When you need to raise money fast, you should start a crowdfunding drive today. Find out how you can use crowd fund sites to raise more money for your non-profit organisation. Would you like to know how to mail a donation to your house file (your present donors) and get them to give more than they ever have before, without having to make it seem as if the organisation has a financing "emergency"?

Encourage one of your major contributors to provide a large amount as part of a dollar-by-dollar match for your next charity event. Next, write a note to your house file informing the contributors that each present they make will be doubled by a contributor in relation to the US dollars, but only if the contribution is made within a certain period.

And if you send a convincing message, your home file contributors are likely to give more than they would otherwise take part in the appropriate campaigns and help you achieve your financing goals. Has your nonprofit organisation a long history of sponsoring company events and/or companies that make in-kind contributions (or quiet auctions) to your organisation?

Have you tried to turn these contributors into yearly contributors who donate money to your annually funded foundation? Company and material contributors give for the market advantages you provide them, but they also have a powerful love for your cause and your organisation. Use your relation with them by going out with them and meeting with them to ask them to make a financial contribution to your organisation in return for their sponsoring of the events and/or in-kind contributions.

Think about it, like all contributors, they won't say yes until you ask!

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