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Need financial aid

Do you find yourself in a liquidity crisis and urgently need money for food or other important things? Resources on this page can help you get the help you need. If you need money but don't want to take on debts, what do you do? Do you need help paying your heating or phone bill? When you need money urgently, resources are available to support you.

Emergency financial aid

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No matter what your predicament, there are certain types of support that can help you. When you need urgent help with the cost of your life, there are benevolent organizations and local church organizations that can help: Find the closest ambulance: Find your local provider of disaster recovery assistance through the Department of Social Services Grant directory.

Select the option "Financial Crisis and Remedy - Immediate Help" in the "Service Type" box in the folder. Consult your congregation, your center or your organization and find out where your area is receiving immediate help. The MoneySmart website of ASIC does not loan money and does not broker credit, but is pleased to respond to your credit and money queries.

Department of Human Resources provides socially and health-related payment and service solutions to those in transition. You can also use them to link you to living space and other community amenities. Where you are already in receipt of Centrelink payment, the department may be able to make prepayments or make emergency payment. Further information can be found on the website of the Department of Human Resources.

There'?s free and private help. You can also ask your family physician to assist and advise you and point you to our service. When some of your pecuniary issues are due to someone else in your name making debt or putting you under pressure to pay or apply for a mortgage, there may be misuse.

Please check our website for misuse to get a listing of organizations that can help. You may also be able to help with your deposit. Please consult the local authorities in your state or area to determine your entitlement. First, you should consult your local banks, utilities or telephone company and tell them that you are in trouble.

Finanzberater advise you on loan and loan matters and can help you in negotiations with your lenders. You work in collaborative organizations and their service is free, autonomous and trustworthy. Information to help you prioritize your debit can be found on the National Debt Helpline website. Find a finance advisor near you.

Speak to a finance advisor before applying for any of these options. When you urgently need help with money, don't be shy to ask for help. And there are a number of service and technical supports that can help you get through tough periods.

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