I need that Money

l need the money.

Turn it off, I need the money for DaOnlyCaveman. I gotta get it, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta get money. I have to get it, have to do it, have to do it, have to do it, get paid. The money is what I need. Satisfy my greed.

Use of words - When should you say "I need money" as against " I need money"?

It' truth, when you talk about money in general, you don't need "that", but that applies to every property. They use " the " to designate a certain subject, but not if you refer to it in general. "Have you got any keys?" "Are you gonna take the keys off the coffeetable?"

This is probably not strange to you that when you talk about keys in general, you don't use "that", but when you talk about certain keys, you do. The keys are really no different from the money. "Have you got any money?" "Are you gonna take the money off the couch?" An abbreviation could be given to the second phrase if one expects that we already know where the keys or the money are:

"Are you going to get the keys?" "Are you going to get the money?" While the second phrase may seem odd, it's only because we don't usually give a damn that you have a certain amount of money, but just some money in general. Just think, you would go to make a payment and had an envelop with money on the desk for that special use.

Within this connection the proposition seems ok and would even be odd without a "das". She says she needs the money from the gig, so she needs the gig. Is she really gonna need that money in particular? Of course not, she certainly just needs money in general.

The statement "I need money" doesn't refer to the position you're looking for. Every single one of them pays money. On the other hand, "I need the money" emphasizes that you want the money that this particular profession will provide. It is the distinction between the statement "I need money and this money pays off, so I apply for it" and "I need the money this money will be paying off".

Note that this example has a "the" because the resource is specified, but can be specified in another way. It is important that you do not refer to money in general, but to a certain money.

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