I want Money help

l want financial aid

At some point, most people will have to borrow money to walk over water in an emergency, buy larger items or finance a special event. Like you all know, BIHAR situation, we need many hands to help them, at the moment I have less money, so I will open a free school for poor people. There' something else you can do: use our tools to improve your money management skills and stay away from debt.

Would you like small credits from 5,000 to 5,000 rs lachs? Those start-ups could help

Help is available from Start-ups, CashCare and Lendbox who can help you fund this miles. Whilst Lendbox will help you get credit up to 5 Lakhhs credits by assisting you to link the debtor to a number of creditors, CashCare will help facilitate consumers' shopping by making it easier to convert the price of the sale into a few months' installments with just a few mouse clicks. Lendbox will also help you to do so.

"Our help is in brokering financing where bankers and other official intermediaries are reluctant to lend. This could involve things like lack of money for a marriage, a health care disaster or consolidating debts, as well as the payment of your unpaid debit card," said Bhuvan Rustagi, co-founder and COO, Lendbox, FeMoney. Mr Rustagi said that Lendbox is a market place that links borrower and lender.

"There are nearly 5,500 subscribers, 1800 of whom are investment firms, among them managers and business people, of whom those looking for money can take out credits. The Lendbox has committed itself to 10 Krore from an investor. Lending is granted at an interest of 20-24 percent per year on a yearly basis. "Rustagi stressed that if someone pays the remaining cards with an interest of 30-32 percent per year, there will be a significant decrease in the interest load.

Whilst the interest rates are discussed between the creditor and the debtor with Lendbox, who makes proposals to him, he receives a charge that could be between 2-6 percent of the business, with an approximate 4 percent mean charge. Since its launch in November 2015, Lendbox has eased the disbursement of R2.75 Crime loan. 75 Crime loan.

Looking to the present financial year, it anticipates to pay out 1. 5-2 million rubles a year, with 5,000 new bookings per month involving borrower and lender. Minimum term for repaying credit is 36 banks per year, with an annual mean of 24 banks or less. "We' ve got zero percent npa. CashCare, which was launched in February 2015, assists with accessing small consumption credit lines from 5,000 to 2 laks with an median credit amount of 30,000 US dollars.

"Our short-term retail financing solution is for consumers that are hard to come by from creditors. Consumers' credits, in particular short-term retail credits, are a concern. It' s heavyweight and inclined towards debit cards," Vishal Shekri, CashCare founders tells FeMoney. CashCare is affiliated with a financing company that grants the facility.

The CashCare product offers the possibility of an interest-free credit, where the cost is borne by the retailer, or an interest payment with an interest payment of 24 percent per year. Interest earned goes to the National Bank of Belgium (NBFC), while CashCare earned a charge of between 1.5 and 2.5 percent. CashCare has been associated with e-commerce merchants across all sectors since its introduction in February 2015, among them ShopClues, FabFurnish, MakeMyTrip and ShopMonk.

At present, the start-up company has around 7,000 job seekers, whom it plans to increase to 50,000 in 2016-17. This year we also want to work with over 100 retailers," said Shekri.

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