Jeff Paul

Paul Jeff

Ontario, Toronto, Ontario. comedians and comedy writers from Canada's best talent pool. Paul has had a varied career as a concert pianist, accompanist, music director and piano teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. View an excerpt from Jeff Paul's stand-up. Mr.

Paul is an Associate Professor of Management and Marketing.


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M. Paul (born March 1, 1978) is a former Canada based icehockey pro and trainer. He' s been playing 10 pro sesons. Ontario, he was called into the National Hockey League by the Chicago Blackhawks in the second round, a total of 42, in 1996. In the 2002-03 campaign he won two NHL matches for the Colorado Avalanche.

Paul was autographed by the Canadians of Montreal as a free representative on 1 September 2005. His most recent professional performance was for SHC Fassa in the Italian Serie A. Jeff Paul, l'entraîneur adjoint des Knights' Hôtes. The Ontario hockey league. Described as a stump, this man's biography is about a Canada defending icehockey player named in the seventies.

Most Fun Standup Comics & Comedians in Canada

Paul Jeff takes a carefree, limitless approach and razor-sharp humour to every phase of his work. Jeffâ's act, founded on his life's observation, leads to crude, often awkward tales of broken relations, his bodily looks, and his consumption of drugs and alcoholic beverages will make you laugh from beginning to end.

⯠Jeff was not only named as a Yuk Yuk Yukâs guest, but also for New Faces at the JFL42 in Toronto, for the Sudbury Comedy Festival (2016, 2017), as headliner of the Cottage Country Comedy Festival, for SiriusXMs Top Comic, twice as stage case for COCA, twice at the NXNE Festival and as host of his Dope Nâ Mic Show at the Torontoâs Underground Famed Comedy Club.

In addition, he established the Icebreakers Comedy Festival in his home town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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