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The Amazon Mechanical Turk-Read more- is a way for you to earn money and achieve great results through HITs. Today, my goal is to show you how ten big companies make money online in a strange way. Make a lot of money online: Now, I can say that it is much easier for me to make money online than it was then. Try to make a lot of money online.

There are 10 Strange Ways Big Businesses Making Money Online

However, many of the ways how blogs earn money with their traditional sites are becoming more common. Today, my aim is to show you how ten big businesses make money online in a strange way. Groupon is the fastest-growing business in the annals of the world's largest pharmaceutical corporation.

What does it take to make money? Groupson offers locally based day-to-day operations around the globe. Enterprises decide to create a group voucher, which is sold by Gruppeon for one trading session and retains a percent of the voucher rate (typically about 50%). It works so well because the offers are 50-95% cheaper, they only last one full week, and nobody gets their voucher unless they are selling a certain number of vouchers.

In other words, when they buy the voucher, they tell their boyfriends to get it. When you recommend three persons, you get the Groupon for free. Begun as an "air mattress, bed and breakfast", Airbnb is an online facility that corresponds to those who want to book a room with holidaymakers looking for short-term leases outside the conventional hotels.

What does Airbnb do for money? The New York Times described Airbnb as "among the next generations of multi-billion US dollars start-ups. Airbnb was estimated at 1 billion US dollars in July 2011 with this operating mode. Zynga has been the corporate behind many of the world's best socially networked gaming such as FarmVille, CityVille and Mafia Wars. Here are some of the best gaming sites in the city.

What does Zynga do for a living? Zynga earns money by buying credit as part of its gaming activities and through partnerships with large corporations. FarmVille is an example of how gamers use money to buy cash so they can make headway in the action. The FarmVille also ran an advertising drive with McDonald's, allowing them to spend a whole afternoon visiting McDonald's Ranch, growing tomatoes and seeds, and earning McCafe Consumables to help their ranches expand more quickly.

Zynga also began to sell pre-paid calling plans for phantom currencies in more than 12,000 shops in the USA in March 2010. Better known as WoW, Blizzard Entertainment (now Activision Blizzard) owns an online role-playing simulation that features the world's biggest online gambling user base: What does Warcraft do for money?

Blizzard earns money with Activision Wow by calculating $15 per months to gamble the wow-week. It also sells corporeal disks and extension packages. However, a tidy element in their gaming is that folks can gamble, earn virtually unlimited amounts of money and even buy and trade their own money. Humans and enterprises, yes enterprises, earn a full-time incomes, if they do exactly that.

Then, they are selling their high-level profile to those who want to jump over the routine work of passing through the first part of the series. It is a web-based data hosted solution that allows users to store their files, photographs, etc. in the web in order to be able to access them from any computer linked to the web.

What does it take to make money? Working according to a free of charge franchise scheme, users can get going for free but get paid for more room because they want to be able to upload more data. And how does Ninety-nine designs make money? What makes money? Whereot was the pioneer of the One-Deal-a-Day online calling plan, where they offer an unbelievable offer every workday.

What's not to make money? Similar to Groupon, they use creatively copied and temporary offerings to resell other companies' product on their home page. By shipping these items via dropship, they do not need to provide client service or administer overheads like conventional businesses. Quixbids provides a radically new approach to the mainstream online auctioneer.

Things like $3. 52 iPad Apple's and $1. 07 Nike putter's have accounted for 95% off. Quibid's money? There are some items that get more than 1500 commandments, which means that QuiBid's 900 dollars in revenues is taken home from those who bid alone. However, Mr QuiBid maintains that as a business they retain a 5-10% spread because in the end they lose money for 50% of the things they yours.

Smaller business managed by a young businessman called Giancarlo Massaro. What does every happy working night earn? There is a basic charge of $150 for a business presented every happy one. And the point of this contribution was that you should begin to think outside the box about how you make money with the web.

Keep in mind that it is strange for most of us to make money with a blogs. Are you familiar with other businesses with strange external monetisation policies?

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