Make it Money

Earn money

Create a new account with a Credit Union. Ensure that all the checks you wrote have been cashed. Monday after a relaxed weekend means we all have to earn money again! Some companies sell widgets or services; banks sell money - in the form of loans, certificates of deposit (CDs) and other financial products.

It'?s a fact women have a harder time of it, that's a fact.

Over iSelect - How we earn money

What we find is that most are bored with insurances, utility and financial affairs. That' s why we give you the self-confidence to strike the right note on some of the most important things. We pride ourselves on the services we offer to the million Australians who consult with our experts every year on some of life's most important purchasing choices.

There is no increase in the prices of the goods we buy, so you get the same amount as when you buy directly. Whilst our competent consultation is free of charge, we know that there is no such thing as a free luncheon. We are a company and that means making money - after all, we have more than 700 talents to hire!

This is why most of our clients have chosen to call one of our 500 qualified consultants at iSelect headquarters. We reward our consultants for the excellence of their consulting and the number of clients who help them make the right decisions. Consultants are constantly educated to ensure that you get precise guidance and excellent client support.

However, with many affiliates and tens of millions of plans, product and guidelines, we are sure we can find one that meets your needs and your budgets. We treat all client information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Policy. The only time we send you information about our great services and our great product will be if you have provided us with your phone number or e-mail adress.

To be able to offer certain finance related product, we do so under each of our Australia Finance Service Licenses (Life Insurance AFSL 331128, Non-Life Insurance AFSL 334115 and InfoChoice AFSL 349445 ACL 349445 and as an authorized agent of the Australia Finance Group (AFG) under its Australia Credit License 389087.

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