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Earn money with your browsers enhancements Describes your ability to generate revenues from your browsers enhancements by simply add paying functions, ads, or fundraisers. It then closes with suggestions for some things you can do to help your revenues grow. But first, the paper deals with AMO and the restrictions of sales mechanism in browsers expansion.

Current limitations are typically about maintaining good interaction with your customers while at the same time driving sales. So before you look at making money, be sure you have to: Specify when your purchase is due to activate any features in your enhancement. Give an easy-to-understand explanation of all the information your enhancement gathers.

Provides a clear set of operator controls (and opt-in for personally identifiable information) for all monetisation functions during expansion install or upgrade. You must recognize any advertisements that are fed into a Web page as coming from the expansion. Evaluate your affilate promotion as part of the expansion. You can monetize your web browsing extensions in three ways:

You can use many different ways to load the functions in your extended version of the web interface, e.g. you can: Put all your functions behind a single billboard. Deliver free base functionality and place advanced functionality behind a paidwall. If you do not propose a function with a very high inherent value, the most effective way is probably to give your customers some free functions with extra functions for a charge.

Remember that if you are hesitant to provide free functionality, remember that those who have tried to commercialize enhancements without free functionality say it is difficult to get an audience for a fully functional fully functional application. One additional benefit of making some or all of your functions available for free in some way is that your customers can verify that your expansion is doing what they want.

When you ask your customers to prepay, some will ask for a refund because the enhancement didn't have the functionality they expected. Most important prerequisite for the implementation of chargeable functions in your web browsers is the choice of a supplier for handling payments. We have many vendors that you could use, but the one that best suits your needs and is not necessarily the best known to your people.

There are a few points to consider when selecting your preferred pay provider: Are there any mechanism for generating licence keys or issuing licence keys from a mailing lists? Are they processing in the currency my customers like? A lot of payments service companies allow you to make either one-time or subscribed purchase offers. Conversely, with a season ticket you can provide functionality at a lower purchase cost, which reduces the barriers to payments.

It can also be a dependable, repetitive source of income. When you make your browse expansion available on Chrome, you can take full benefit of the Google In-App Payment API to process your transaction. Firefox and most other popular web-browsers require you to set up a secure payments system. Vendor lifelong licenses to your customers with a personal licensing number.

Save the licence dongle in the web brower with a digest of the dongle and some personal information of the users, like a pincode. If you are using the function that has been purchased, verify that the digest string is correct. As well as allowing the users to enter the licence keys themselves, it is important to manage interaction with the purchasing page so that the licence is set up correctly.

Don't waste too much of your valuable attention protecting your system from a hacker, because those who are prone to using a cracked licence are unlikely to be rewarded for doing so. Better use your free resources to develop new enhancement functions that draw more subscribers. The best way to generate revenues is to add new business functionality if you started your browsers as a free download.

The conversion of a free of charge item into a payed item is unlikely to go down well with your people. The addition of commercially available functions must also be done with caution. Prepare for a adverse response, in the sense of "it used to be free," even if you do not change or restrict your free feature set permission.

When you think that the basic usage of your web browsers is unlikely to be susceptible to pay -as-you-go functionality, advertisements can be a useful way to earn money. Note, however, that advertisements can only earn significant revenues if your expansion has a large audience basis. You have three ways to view advertisements from a technical point of view, but not all are suitable for advertising media and people.

These can be pages created by your browsing extender as well as pages created by third-party sites visited by persons with your browsing extender enabled. Changing third-party Web pages is a common behavior in most browsers expansion memories, such as AMO and the Chrome Web Store. Users' reluctance to accept browsers enhancements that alter third-party sites, however, can be high, resulting in poor ratings and uninstallations.

Ad serving in the Ad-Click targetMost ad serving UI with Ad-Click targetmost ad serving software does not allow this approach (they are checking the referring site at the destination link) because of the potential for scams because the ad serving feature generates ad hits. If an advertiser allows this feature, it is likely that they will ask you to verify your expansion.

When you find a vendor, the benefit of this feature, especially if you make it clear that you are funding the evolution of your web browsing expansion, is that it is relatively well accepted by people. In this case, you would place advertisements on the Web page of your enhancement and then view those pages through appropriate occurrences in the Browsers enhancement.

Typical appropriate triggering events are the installation, update, or uninstallation of the Browsers extension, as well as help, best practice, hints and hints or similar pages opened from the Browsers extension. Help, best practice, hints and hints, or similar pages opened from the Browsers extension can also be used. We have many adding companies that range from large, well-known worldwide companies like Google AdSense to small local service companies.

The choice of the right vendor depends strongly on your web browsing experience, but here are a few things to keep in mind: Is there a good stock of advertisements for the country where my site is located? What is the good name of the company for fast and periodic payments? Do I have the option to integrate advertisements into my web browsing experience?

Which possibilities does the services offer for generating sales, e.g. Adpressions, Click Through or others? Do I have the ability to sort advertisements so that they are of relevance to my people? You may, however, be able to find a provider of a supplemental item or a supplemental services that is interested in your subscriber base and that can sell your advertising surface in mass.

Advertisements pose an interesting challenging proposition, the need to find a trade-off where they are seen as generating revenues but not as seen as discouraging people. Clearly indicate that your web browsing expansion is advertising-financed, such as in the AMO specification. Consumers are more likely to accept advertisements if they know they are expecting them.

Don't make advertising too pushy. When establishing fee-based accounts for the functionality of your expansion browsers or navigation through the subtleties of implementation of ads for your expansion seems unreasonable, asking for funds may be the way to go. Note, however, that most programmers have reported that contributions only produce significant income if the web browsing expansion has a large number of users.

Donating can also be a good choice in comparison to moving to a chargeable site where you may meet opposition from users where your web browsing expansion is already fully available for free. A number of a Reihe von Plattformen, die Sie verwenden können, um Zahlungsdienste für Spenden bereitzustellen, darunter : liberapay. com-an open A number of a Reihe von Plattformen, die Sie verwenden können, um Zahlungsdienste für Spenden bereitzustellen, darunter : liberapay. com-an open A number of a Reihe von Plattformen, die Sie verwenden können, um Zahlungsdienste für Spenden bereitzustellen, darunter : liberapay. com-an open A number of a Reihe von Plattformen, die Sie verwenden können, um Zahlungsdienste für Spenden bereitzustellen, darunter : generapay. com, donation donation donation donation open open open-service, donateur, donateur de fonds de fonds de fonds. opencollectif pour les créateurs d'argent pour les auteurs des biens des biens. micropages commerciaux offrant un paiement pour un paiement unique ou récurrent pour les biens.

com- an open resource paid by sponsors to administer the refund of expenditure within collections. business community focused on the generation of authors' revenue from periodic subscription services. business community focused on the generation of revenue from both one-time and periodic contributions. paypal. me-a add-on to payPal that provides a single point of access to a pay page where a user can make one-time contributions.

You should consider the following when selecting a donation platform: Are there any plans for making withdrawals in the currency most likely to be used by your people? How much of your donation does the website keep as an administration charge? Am I protected from fraudulent use? The Firefox Browsers Enhancements give you two ways to make a donation: via your Firefox Enhancement and via your Amazon Admin.

On the AMO page of your expansion, you can include a "Posts" pushbutton linked to your payments page from one of the sponsored vendors. Get the hyperlink to your donation page. On the AMO developers center, click Edit Detail for the web expansion or topic to which you want to attach a post panel.

Click the Contributions URL from your donate page in the Basics section. Just donate by adding a donate badge or a shortcut to a appropriate place in your enhancement. If you don't ask for a contribution, you won't receive it, but asking too much can discourage your visitors and encourages them to delete your web browsers extensions.

Link fundraising inquiries to functions that users are likely to use frequently or that offer significant "value". Offer the end users a clear way to shut down a fundraising inquiry. Where possible, deactivate fundraising as soon as the users have specified it. Keep in mind that if you are asking for periodic contributions, you will also need to make new items or functionality available on a periodic base.

It is likely that the schema will collect and resell your users' personal information. And if you get any money at all, it'll probably be a lot less than initially pledged. Even worst, you could end up with your expansion blocked and your reputations beaten. Establishing a large, loyal subscriberbase is the key to generating maximum revenues regardless of the mechanisms you use.

In order to establish your own platform: Deploy your web browsers to as many as possible platform, at least Firefox and Chrome. Concentrate on the functionality and qualitiy of your web browsers, bad expansions seldom keep a significant number of subscribers. Get involved with your subscribers as much as possible via community boards, community boards, and by answering questions about help and feedbacks.

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