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Let's make some money, let's make Mom happy": Is Rap Jimothy Lacoste genuine? | [ Singing ]

To be fair, you can see how in the 18 month period since Gonzales released a Getting Busy! track on YouTube, folks have come to this verdict. as Jimothy Lacoste (a name he took because "I always want to be one of a kind and it just sounds beautiful to my ears"; he let the Lacoste fall afterwards).

This was the first of a series of viral hit songs, followed in quick sequence by FUTURE BAE, Subway System, DRUGS, Fashion and I Can Speak Spanish. Your on-line triumph has resulted in press coverage, Europe touring and a Black Butter recording contract with Rudimental, DJ Khaled, Zara Larsson and J Hus.

Everybody seems to be in agreement that Jimothy is now an official thing, although exactly what has been the object of many debates. When I was 13 or 14 years old, I hung out with 25-year-old authors of graffiti," he said, leaving him both his gaze (which, he points out, is not far from the children's clothes in the 1983 documentaries Style Wars or the Subway Art book) and presumably his now-abandoned preference for playing on subway cars.

Says he's starting to talk about his ambition for all that shit in his song about "counting the piles and jumping them," that they're "basically small. "He thinks that folks who think his work is a laugh will be frustrated when they finally listen to his record - "There are tracks for my straight supporters that are just like my vocals and especially my instrumental ones, so these other folks probably won't be enjoying it; "Oh, he doesn't say anything funny" - and seems really confused when I tell him that I thought Jimothy Lacoste was some kind of personality he was inventing.

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