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Frühes Leben, Bildung und Dienst[edit]

Born in 1930, Edward Michael Bankes Green is a UK theoretician, English monk, Catholic apologetic, and writer of more than 50 works. Green's mom was an Aussie and his dad was a Welsh. He was trained at Clifton College[2] and Exeter College, Oxford (Bachelor of Arts 1953, Master of Arts 1956) and then at Queens' College, Cambridge (Bachelor of Arts 1957, Master of Arts 1961, Bachelor of Divinity 1966) while he prepared for regular service at Ridley Hall.

Mr l'Assistenzkurat der Holy Trinity, Eastbourne (1957-60), Senior Curator am London College of Divinity (1960-69), Direktor des St John's College, Nottingham (1969-75) et Rektor der St Aldate's Church, Oxford and Kaplan des Oxford Pastorats (1975-86). From 1987 to 1992 he was Professor of Evangelism at Regent College, Vancouver.

Returning to England, he became adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York for the Springboard Decade of Evangelism. Although formally Retired in 1996, he became a Senior Research Fellow and Head of Evangelism and Apologetics at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford in 1997 and resides in the city of Abingdon near Oxford.

He has four grown -up kids, Sarah, Jenny, Tim and Jonathan. He was a productive author, with much of his work writing for a readership that was widely read, although he also helped with scholarly work. Most of his best-known works deal with both evangelization and atrology.

Green's goal was to enable laity who believe in the Bible to understand the messages of the Bible and then have trust to talk to others about questions of the Bible. Those pragmatic goals become clear in novels such as Evangelism, Now and Then, and shares of beliefs with friends and family.

Technically, Green has written an academical paper on the practice and doctrine of evangelization in the early churches. It examines the evolution of evangelisation through the New Testament writings and from the early forefathers. Based on these fundamental researches in his commitment to congregational crusade, both through his own service and in his local congregational crusade script.

Green's pologetic work has generally focused on pop misunderstandings and oppositions of non-Christians. You Must Be Yoking, Word on the Run and Why Bother With Jesus are examples of how he explores settings of devout detachment and apathy. He has also investigated scholarly issues for belief, such as the essay collections he is preparing in response to Don Cupitt's work on the myth of the Incarnate God.

Green and his fellow scholars in this study looked at the issues of legend and story proposed in contemporary Bible science, in particular the relation between the event of the service and the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the incarnation. Green's most recent work, The Books, which has oppressed the Church: Here, green combines Gnosticism with the downfall of our societies.

Gnosticism also causes a drop in morale, he says, so that the Episcopal Chapel of the United States, through the consecration of a gay runner, has itself shown signs of Gnosticism. In addition to his exculpatory scriptures, Green has also dealt with questions of following in Christ's way of living, service and leading in the congregation, baptismal teaching, pulmatology (study of the Holy Spirit) and daemonology.

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