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Find out how employees report what it's like to work at Million Air. One million Air Chain of Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) is regarded as the leading provider of upmarket, private flight services. Air HQ; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Other - Internal Aviation/Hospitality.

Providing the highest level of customer service for General Aviation aircraft. Air Interlink, Inc. corporate research & investment information.

Arbeitgeberbewertungen for Million Air

Great guys to work with. Large practical experiment for every single who goes to college, for every kind of flying petrol work. Enjoy for someone who is interested in being nearby and operating many different kinds of airplanes. They have been determined not to be subject to labor law.

Has to buy an own airport ID card (approx. $70) - the airline will not refund it to you. Your timetable is adaptable so that it is a good place for those in schools or with children. There is a lot of disorganization in the business as a whole and you have very little resource to get the most out of your work.

Much of your work is done alone in a job that always requires at least 2 persons because there is no possibility for you to take a rest. They gain a great deal of practical training with a large number of different airplanes. Teach them that humans make small errors and sometimes even forgot to remove the garbage from a can from time to time.

Vacancies - millions of jobs in aviation

In the following you will find a listing of the latest vacancies in our group. Fully Fledged Café Service Representative - We are expanding and we want you to join our group! Client Service Representative Concierge Needed - We are Expanding and we want you to join our Concierge Group! Requires full-time veterans - We are expanding and we want you to join our group!

Work at Million Air: 63 Ratings

Thought it would be awesome to work around airplanes and anything but a caretaker when you're on a nightshift. They said that I had registered for the nightshift and that I was going to be there.

It was different group before me in dark who same me that they had been difficult to liquid body substance on era for gathering, and it didn't happen. Staff have a long working life without salary rises. It is a business that does not take an interest in its staff. You push every droplet out of every worker and let them do the work of 2-3 instead of recruiting extra members of the staff needed for the workload.

When you want to work for a firm that values you and pays you accordingly, don't work here. It is a poverty-stricken organization that refuses to embrace sincerity and integrality, and will always be on the side of those who are friends with it. If a superior is attacked, senior managers (*General and local) will always try to hush up the matter, rather than act according to pre-defined regulations.

Specific staff members get better handling if they falsify information to another staff member. No current FAA or EPA policies are followed unless strictly necessary and unless it is sufficient for senior managers to follow their own policies on the basis of their own experiences. Our managers ridicule, devalue and degrade any self-sufficiency of our people. More than 17 years ago I worked for this firm, I went because it shut down the workshop where I worked.

Our staff worked as a part of a group and we realized how important it was that our work was done on time. It was so impolite of me to manage. Had to act fast and speak to two guys at once. Can' say enough marvelous things about this enterprise. It' s a prerogative to be a Million Air woman or a Million Air gentlemen.

It encourages and believes in others and really wants its staff to value them. It'?s a 24/7/365 plant, but it's different than any enterprise out there. I could not expect your staff to come to work or your manager to help you with your issues. There was a change in leadership and I think there were issues within the organization that passed to the staff.

That' for young folks right after high school. Besides, I don't think the whole company is very good and there is no good communications between them and you... warm tarmac slope in summers and a lots of work. Not only was the schedule very organised by me, but the whole crew knew what to do, and we always got ready in advance. In the aerospace business you have to be ready for everything every workday.

Senior managers are sluggish and incompetent, and the tasks of senior managers have always been delegated to lower levels of staff. Most difficult part of the work was to do your work properly and professionally, only to be taken apart and criticised by the company leadership. Most pleasant part of this work was working with airplanes worth several million dollars.

I would have liked to have stayed with this enterprise if senior managers had actually done their work. Mio Air is a leader in fixed base operators when it comes to treating each other like men and women. Its basic principles and convictions are what every worker should adhere to, not only in the workplace, but also in his or her leisure activities.

Employee expectations are the highest. I' m not the kind of guy who talks to a business badly just because I don't like them. Sometimes you see celebrities. Among the executives the employees are leaving behind, there are too many buddies.

It takes a great deal of work for the managers. You are playing the staff off against each other instead of committing yourself and working as a group. No advantages exist for such a hazardous kind of work, and you are required to do more than your work tasks demand without payment. They know that aviators are willing to do anything for the aeronautical adventure.

In this way, the enterprise uses them with low remuneration (minimum wage) and any number of working hours. It was fun working for Million Air Airlines. It'?s a great place to work. You really take really good care of yourself. It is a true collaborative atmosphere and some of its people have been with the business since its inception.

Good guys. Excellent workplace. Everyone is very kind and kind who work here. Quite useful and always helps to find out where you're going next in your careers. Free lunch. Excellent folks. Payment is terrible, not enough guys to meet a layer, managements are uncompetent and refuse to make changes.

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