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Earning money is relatively simple. First, you mill the power and the iron goes into the Argon Prime and Home of Light in the Argon sector's iron Mining. You then buy the second boat and keep milling both boats. You' ll earn enough money to buy a champion, or the match will be dull.

You' ll murder a mission while you kill both merchants. You then make the merchants Mark 3 merchants in Empire's Edge - at this point your relationships with everyone are good as they perform mission for them. Then, in Empire's Edge, you continue to make industry dealers, and when they get to 15-20, you make them universal dealers.

Don't neglect to get them to use Skip Propulsion and turn on their Auto Skip in the Command menus - and also, crucially, to have Power Reserve to make at least 4 skips (this way, they can always have Power Reserve to avoid attacks). As soon as you have 10 (and then more and more) Uni dealers, money is no longer an option.... until you form a complex and want to buy demolishers.

Place some of your Weizenfarmen in low grain areas in the Argon region, but especially in the Boron region - they need grain and have none. Place a 3 contiguous set of chip microfactories in a specific area. When you want to know which industries are best suited for microchipping, I can tell you where I put them.

Heaven is the border at this point - buy a tiger, buy a demolisher, a thresher, do chart mission at this point, go around in your pimped out Nova or discover the cosmos for amusement and gain (to open the sector to your auto dealers).

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