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Husband took 2 job to get paid to woman who said money was for Lee Kuan Yew," says Nichte.

Singapore-- He was so scared of the two wives who supposedly asked him for money to buy "Lee Kuan Yew," he took two job to fulfill the claims and even asked to lend money from his niece as well as his family. It was his niece, who suspected something was wrong, who chose to go digging further and discover where his money was really going.

Mrs Pamela Lim, the niece, announced this and other information in the courts on Friday (11 January), the third date of a fraud case hearings. It is said that she used the name of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to get Mr. Tan to part with all his Central Provident Fund (CPF) assets, and he also gave her about S$500 a month off his pay.

The good boyfriend of Mr. Tan, Boo Sok Hiang, who previously worked with him as a cleaning lady and passed away in 2016 due to cardiac diseases, is said to have served as a mediator to transfer the money to Tan. Commenting on her statement, Ms Lim, a realtor, said she was concerned about what her grandson was doing with his income when she returned from Australia to Singapore in 2012, where she had been living with her husbands, Mr Andy Ong, and their kids.

Mrs Lim said that sometimes Mr Tan would try to lend money from her, Mr Ong, her sister or her mom. Of all her relatives, the niece said she was nearest to him, and he was a "friendly and simple" man who never got mad. Mrs Lim said that her nephew asked her about four to five time for S$100 or S$200 before she began to find out more.

Your mom remembered that an unidentified lady brought Mr. Tan to the CPF office in Bishan, where he is said to have withdrawn his total CPF saving of S$53,000. Asking her grandson why he was lending money from them, Ms Lim said he owe the government money because he had a "failed business".

Earlier, on Wednesday, when the case was opened, the tribunal learned that Tan supposedly said to Mr. Tan Boo's boyfriend that profit could be made if former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and other celebrities received money. Tan's cleansing manager and another street sweeper who worked with Tan said they recommended him not to give his wages, but he kept doing so.

Ms Lim brought her aunt to the precinct on 3 February 2014 to draw up a criminal record. Speaking in a mixture of Teochev and Mandarin, Boo said she had given the money back to the government. They also claimed that she and Tan had a "failed deal" with Yeo Hiap Seng, a major Singapore drinks corporation, which implied that they owe money to the government.

It is said that during the chats the two older ladies confessed to having borrowed money from Mr. Tan. Mrs. Lim has made a letter of understanding to pay her grandson S$500 back every single months. In addition, her grandson started lending money again and asking his employer for prepayment. Then she took her aunt to the cops to do another cop thing and gave the videos to her girlfriend who was ajournalist.

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