Need help getting Money

I need help to get money.

How can I get help this month? When you have applied for benefits but need money before the first payment, you can apply for a short-term benefit advance. If you are unable to pay for gas, electricity or water, help us. At first, get your passport and financial documents together that show how much money you have to get in and out. Many programs are available to help people with low incomes and special needs, such as food, shelter or care.

The National Debt Helpline - Emergency Help

First, get your passport and your finance papers together that show how much money you have to get in and out. That information is needed when you are applying for help. You can use the DSS Grants Service Directory at au to help us locate financed service offerings, complete with immediate assistance. Choose "Financial crisis and material aid - immediate aid" under Service type.

They' ll help you get immediate help. The only thing you have to do is ask for help! Visit the DSS Grants Service Directory to find help in an emergency near you. You may be entitled to part of your 14-day prepayment as a flat-rate amount if you are in receipt of Part A social assistance or family allowance and fulfil the eligibility requirements.

Prepayment amounts depend on how much you are payed every two week and what kind of money you get. Once you have received an advanced deposit, part of your current deposit will be subtracted every two (!) weeks for 26 (!) months until the advanced deposit is returned. For the most part, you can get a Centrelink prepayment twice a year.

When you need urgent help with the cost of life, a charity can help you: budget or refer to other programmes. Many states and jurisdictions have some kind of mortgages release that can make a subsidy or lend available if you have problems to keep up with your mortgages payment. In different parts of Australia there are different aids.

Find out more about mortgages on our mortgages page. In order to be entitled, you must be in possession of (or qualifying for) a Centrelink healthcare or retirement pass. A number of state, territorial and federally funded utilities exist if you have difficulty paying your bills. However, if you have difficulties in paying your bill, you should contact them. Every system has its own admission conditions and is usually only available if you get a Centrelink deposit or are in possession of a healthcare or discount pass.

In order to find out for which discharge programs you are suitable, please verify this on the back of your electricity bill or directly with your electricity provider.

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