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You can pay your Telstra bills online with the security and convenience of Telstra's online account services. You can pay by credit card, bank account or PayPal. You can pay your insurance bills online using our online payment form. You can pay your Synergy invoice online at any time. You can pay your university fees online via our secure payment portal.

Paid for your online inscription | Transport and Driving

If you wish, you can extend your car or yacht enrolment online and pay with your Visa or MasterCard Visa or MasterCard direct debiting cards at a supplement. In order to prevent payment being delayed, make sure you pay on or before the due date indicated in your confirmation of enrolment. It is important that your registry stays up to date as it is a violation to be driving an unauthorised car.

Prolongation information for approval indicates whether your car requires a test certification (e.g. special purpose and personalized transportation vehicles). Certain methods of payments cannot be used when an inspectorate certification is required. Refresh your online subscription with your subscription number and your client number. Once your enrollment is up to date and you have been notified of your enrollment, you can modify your enrollment information online, e.g. CTP assurance, and pay for the extension later.

After you have made the changes using this facility, a new billing preference number may appear on the monitor. You must use this unique billing number for your enrollment when paying for your enrollment online or with APAY. If your subscription has elapsed or is not yet due, you can still modify your subscription information online.

Refreshed data will not take effect until after your next subscription term and will appear on your next subscription notification.

Renewal of a car license | Service NSW

It is possible to extend the approval of your car online. During the renewal process, you can also make changes to your level of detail such as your user mode and the length of the enrollment session. When you want to modify the length of the online application period: you must have taken out the corresponding CTP policy.

When you are the owner of a retirement licence you have the right to free car registrations. Possibly you are also automatically prolonged your subscription. For more information, please check renewable a car register (pensioner). Your purchased CTP runtime determines the length of your enrollment, which you can extend.

If, for example, you buy a 6-month CTP insurance plan, you can only extend your car approval by 6 additional weeks. You need this service if: the expiration date of the new registry is more than 12 weeks after the last extension of your registry, if an service has been necessary, such as: you have purchased a car that has had an service and has been service for 6 consecutive months, and you want to service the car for 12 consecutive years.

Please note: The test report for lightweight vehicles is 6 month from date of issuance. Choose the "Extend online" option. When you have a MyServiceNSW account, sign in, following the instructions and completing your extension. If you do not have an invoice number, enter the NSW number of the car and choose "Search" to access it.

In order to modify the mode of use, check the "I want to modify the mode of use" box and use the drop-down lists to highlight the new one. When you have switched the utilization mode to "Pensioner", input your license data. You can use the drop-down list to pick the retiree category, and then input your information as it appears on your license map.

When choosing to pay for your stay at BAY, remember that processing will take 2 or 3 working days and your enrolment will not be extended until the full amount has been paid by road and sea. Verify and validate the prolongation of the enrollment. Unless you have changed the concept or use, please include the road and shipping voucher number on the vessel's paper.

In case you have changed the concept or use, a new confirmation of your enrolment will be sent to the owner within 7 workdays. It is sometimes not possible to extend the online subscription. If you have ordered specific license numbers during the extension of your enrollment and have not yet obtained the new license numbers, please contact a local Customer Care Center.

As a retired person, please refer to the Renewal of your car documents (Pensioner) section. Prolongation of your registration: For trailer and commercial truck over 4 years, a 3-month or 6-month period of notice is available. Total weight of the vehicle: 5 tons. All light motorcycles ( incl. motorbikes and trailers) up to a maximum of 4.5 tons do not have a number plate.

Failure to extend your license to the expiration date will result in your car being deregistered. Driver of an unauthorized car is unlawful and punishable by severe fines and may mean that your car is not insured under CTP Deck. Up to 3 month before expiration you can extend your online subscription, but you must have your extension Notification.

It is also possible to extend your online subscription up to 3 month after the deadline. Renewed subscription starts on the date you make the purchase, but the expiration date is the same - you do not receive a full year of subscription. Extension notifications are sent 6 weeks before the end of the extension term, but can be issued up to 3 month in advance on 13 77 88 or at a customer support center.

In order to update a vessel approval online, roads and shipping must obtain the CTP ( if appropriate ) and the eSafety test certificate ( if appropriate ) in electronic form. In your extension notification, you will be informed whether you require an examination. And if you have a Retiree License Cardholder, you may be entitled to an automated extension of your subscription - check out our section entitled: renew a car register to find out more.

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