Secret to Money

The secret of money

Creating multiple streams of passive online income and then reinvesting it in wealth-creating assets so you can get rich! Obama era secret permission let Iran convert capital into dollars. Some people are finally aware of a secret world order, it's up to you to decide.

Become rich with: The Secret Food 'Hideaway'.

I met a boyfriend last night while looking through the yogurt section of the supermarket. On a Thursday around midday, my boyfriend told me that he had just come from his desk to get some things for dinner because he had forgot to take something to work that afternoon.

It was a pleasure to see my boyfriend and I was also amazed that he had chosen to visit the shop instead of a snack bar. Quite a mustachic movement in comparison to most individuals who go out for lunches almost every working weekday and spend about $12 per person eating, drinking, taxes, tips and driving.

than a visit to the supermarket: That secret moustached under-desk food'stash. See, I have an abnormally high need for nutrition. Being a big man without the preservative benefits of car transport or TV free time, I consume a lot of energy every day...which means that during my professional life as an employee I had to become quite an authority on delicious meals in the workplace.

Everyyday I had to schedule a good second breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and pre-bikeing-home snack. I found the answer by hiding a constantly filled refrigerator under my desktop. You' ll get a beautiful little refrigerator from your own cellar, from a boyfriend or from Craigslist.

Fill the refrigerator with a wheel of wholemeal rye bread, a glass of good marmalade, some pancakes, apple, carrot, cucumber and other snack vegetable, tonsils, hot gravy, sweet cheeses, beautiful yoghurt and even some cold ale if you work with the staff later. And if you ever fail to take this action, there are enough durable objects to help you improve a meal to get through to replenishment.

There would be more about an even longer carreer, but YOU will be retiring and dining from your proper refrigerator at home like I do. Donating my own refrigerator to a needy boyfriend, I am hoping that it will now contribute to someone else's early pension.

So what are you gonna keep in your own secret lair "hide"?

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