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As you create your big money blog, you must continue to earn some money to pay your bills and survive the time of battle. When you want to earn money, question the rules and don't learn much at school. However, chances are good that you will read about how you can make money because you don't want to pay for the traffic. Create a babysitter box or bag before your first appearance. Skip to Would you like to learn more?

When you want to earn money, don't learn hard at school : The art of nonconformity

When you want to earn money, challenge the rule and don't learn much at college. This is the result of a new study: 1968 the scientists began to educate 12-year-old sixth-grade schoolchildren. Then 40 years later, they followed these college kids. It is not surprising that the pupils who were described by the teacher as "studying" were more likely to have reputable work.

But the hard-working children did not earn the most money in adult age. Children who violated the regulations and opposed parent ing and rule became the most profitable adult people. There are reservations, of course, the first being that it is not just about making money in this world. Economical well-being is only one yardstick for achievement, and there are certainly some inappropriate children who decide to live their own lifes by doing useful work that is not worthwhile in financial terms.

Also, the survey found that the "learning" children who went on to finish their studies studying harder and were exemplary pupils had good job opportunities afterwards. It' s just that these college boys didn't have the best job or make the most money. They were reserved for those who challenged the regulations. Nevertheless, this does not seem to be an individual claim: By the way, I do not believe that this realization is intended as didactical.

They cannot simply begin to violate regulations and then anticipate that this will help to increase their chances of succeeding. The point is that those who are tempted to challenge, even violate, regulations are more likely to succeed. When you' re an irregular child, don't stop.

When you want to make money typing, create your own blogs.

Typing is the toughest way to make money. I' ve been doing very heavy manual labor for the alive. It is not tough work to write, but the conversion of fonts into money is incredibly challenging. I' ve been a writer for a year and a half in my spare tire. But I can tell you that making money by typing is more complicated than all the above job opportunities.

It was a tough cleanup but I knew I'd get my paycheck by the end of the year. Even the newspaper deliveries were very complicated. I could do it for sure. Typing is not heavy, but making money by typing is harder than any other career. One never knows if one will make a lone pence to write an essay.

There'?s no way to know for sure you can make a buck. It'?s a lot of pleasure to work. There must be a certain homecoming from the letter. A lot of them try to make money, while some try to maintain their reputations. My hobbies are songwriting. If I can't get anything out of so many parts, I'd better put it in my journal.

I' ve spent many month trying different ways of making money by typing. I' ve at last managed to find a way to make money. Being a management consultancy, I consult my customers on how to make money. Even though Google has enabled my site for their advertisements, I didn't get any people.

And then I began writing on Media and Quora. I' ve blocked my story on media, hoping to make money. I' ve had some storytelling handed out by media trustees; I' ve made some money. Now I have activated most of my histories to receive from Google users. I had about 5,000 hits from Media on my own blogs last months.

However, medium is not the largest resource for human trafficking. I' m getting 25,000 hits from Quora. The 3/4 Chrffics come from other origins. This 33 crowd generates about $400/500 in advertising revenues per months. Don't think if some guys wrote, "The way I made $3,000 overnight," or I got a ton of Reddit trafficking.

" Mediocre free-lance authors like us cannot make money by typing. Concerning redirecting your visitors, I can say that you can redirect your medium and Quora traffic without spam, but you can't redirect your traffic without spam from Reddit. My case is up to $1,000, maybe more.

Now I use the most of a few Stunden a day to post next to my work. More than half of the traffic goes to sites with sexually explicit contents. To make money with your blogs, you need to have some basic engineering skill. Had I more spare tire, I could post more responses to Quora and bring more traffic to my blogs.

It' a very safe and comfortable way to get more traffic. Trouble with medium that many of my contributions get only 3 opinions. That never happens with Quora. There are only a few professionals with very good typing knowledge who can make a good enough living-in. Only 10% of the authors make more than 100 US dollars.

You' re an author like me, and you can't make a living with me. And the best thing you can do is create your own blogs and monetise them. Use Medium and Quora for your source of incoming music. I need you to get a lot of perspective on Quora. Use your own knowledge to earn money by typing.

I' m writing about luck, sex and doing well. When you' re reading my blogs.

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