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Immediate wire transfer with PayID ASICs MoneySmart MoneySmart Past are the Days of awaiting the payment of your funds between bank accounts. PayID allows you to immediately transmit and recieve funds without using BSB and bank number. In this section we would like to tell you what PayID is, how it works and the advantages of using PayID to transmit and retrieve funds. PayID - what is it?

What is it like with payID? Was ist PayID? You can use your own BSB and your own accountnumber to make instant payments between your BSB transactions. It is a number that is peculiar to you and your banking system that you sign up with your banking system. You can use your PaymentID to: more details about your payments, such as extra text, bills and vouchers.

The banks that participate enable you to use your pay ID via their Mobil Bank application or via Osko from BPay. You can also make instant payment via Osko using a BSB and bank transfer number. What is it like with payID? Take advantage of PayID's simplicity and ease of use. Your pay ID can be created with your Mobil Bank application or your online bank.

Choose a pay ID that you can memorize easy, such as your telephone number, your e-mail address or your ABN. Every pay ID can only be associated with one single bank statement. As soon as your payment ID is established, you can ask it to use your payment ID the next times someone wants to send funds to you.

Or if you have to buy from someone else, you can ask for their PayID. She was worried that she would not have enough cash in her cash box to cover supper as her boyfriends had not yet repaid her for the ticket. Simon proposes to her boyfriends to send her the PayID so that she can get it immediately.

She had her boyfriends log into her bank application, enter Simones' pay ID, transfer the amount they owe her, and she got it within 60 seconds. The use of pay ID to transmit or recieve cash has a number of advantages, including: There is no need to memorize your bank information - Instead of providing your BSB and bank number for receiving a deposit, you can use a simpler identification such as a telephone number or e-mail.

Instant transfers - your money is sent or receive within 60 seconds after your money is transferred. Possibility to verify your billing information - PaymentID allows you to verify the name of the accountholder before making the transaction. As a result, the risks of incorrect postings are reduced. You don't need any more applications or credentials - you can use your latest wireless phone application or your online bank to pay by sending a pay with your pay ID.

Make your purchase securely - The same levels of protection for your current purchases applied to purchases made with your PayID. You should notify your local merchant without your consent if you discover that your PayID is being used without your consent or if you make a mistake when making a PayID purchase. When your ePayments code is subscribed to by your merchant, the same procedures for refunding your funds with a PayID operation are applied as for a regular one.

Our Unauthorized and Mixed Transaction website provides more information about what to do if you discover that someone is using your site without your permission. Make it easy to send and get cash with pay ID. Now you can get your payments faster and easier without needing your BSB and bank number.

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