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Money we make

A lot of people already earn money there: Earning money Earn money by connecting interested customers (referred to as "leads" in marketing) to banks. You can generate a leads if you access a bank's website via a hyperlink from the rate city website. When you ask RatesCity to have a third person (e.g. a hypothecary or finance advisor) license to engage with you to review a particular item or services, taking into consideration your specific situation, we may be charged a charge for providing your contacts to that third person.

Also, we earn income from general advertisements on the RatesCity website that may be advertisements, featured items, promotional items or sponsor portions of the website that are always identified as such. RatesCity may levy charges to third party in respect of the following: 1 ) location activities related to the product range of banks, i.e. either:

2 ) Site promotion, which comprises shop floor advertisement, featureured promotions, promotional promotions and sponsorship section, which are usually charged as: The CPM (Cost per Impress Model) - institution pays according to the number of local ad views; sponsoring - where the institution pays for a "share of voice" of the website or part of it.

However, sometimes there are institutional or product issues that do not appear in our standard results, and this can happen for one of three reasons: For example, some institutes may not be able to take on-line lead because they can only work with clients from a particular sector or from a restricted geographical area, or because they cannot handle new clients at all for a certain amount of inactivity.

Certain entities will not allow RatesCity to have full control over their information. There are some organisations that are not willing to paid for lead, so from now on or without a proper user guide we will remove them from our standard results if we believe we can still deliver good results to them.

But we always give the consumer the opportunity to see these organisations with an extra click. For more information about RatesCity, such as our license numbers and FAQs, click this links. There is also an important Financial Services and Credit Guide that should be included that further describes our work.

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