We need Money

Money is what we need

We' ll make it easy for you to get the money you need. Look, nobody likes to go to his friends and family, has a hat in his hand and asks for money. Sending your money online. What are you going to do? We don't have any plans for day trips or anything yet.

What do we need money for in our lives?

More money so that I can spend it and generate a passively earned living and retirement at a young age. I' m not interested in costly automobiles, belongings, clothes or home etc. Living in West Europe, I have something that is regarded as "good work" and sells technological yields above the domestic averages.

And I got rid of most of my belongings, payed subscription etc... I prepare easy and wholesome food with meats and veggies and I learned how to exercise and develop my muscles using only the physical mass in the area. I don't have a permanent home now, I am staying in different rooms hired by Airbnb and I work away, so I am traveling around and spend less than when I lived in this apartment.

Next my aim is to buy 2-3 MHMOs, 5 bedrooms homes where each room is let for 300-400 per months. I buy the first in early 2019 and another year later and when I reach my target I will move to South East Asia where I can have a good living standard of 1000-1500 per month. Good things come in the form of a good home.

Never knew what I wanted to do in my lifetime, I was studying at college because I felt under pressure to do it, I never used my training in my careers, I happened to fall into a distribution profession and finally did it. I' m not really enjoying it, but the money's fine, so I'm thankful.

As I traveled to Asia, it was like a new way of doing things for me, I made many good acquaintances and could meet the kind of woman I always wanted. And I have learnt a great deal from those who were not satisfied with anything in spite of being poor, as opposed to Europeans who complained and looked down on you even though they were doing well.

In my opinion, even females are very justified and I have seen how the judicial system has destroyed men's life and taken away their property after a marriage/relationship. This is why I will never marry in Europe, but I believe I can find luck and a safe relation in Asia. However, that's why I need more money to generate a passively earned living that I can make a living from when I leave because I can't find a position there that pays a reasonable wage.

I will only repent of abandoning my daugther, but because of her mother's acts I see her seldom anyway and she has always been a poisonous character who damaged any relation I could have had with my baby.

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