What makes Money Online

How does money work online?

However, I earn all my income online. Do not all types of blogs and small websites earn money. [ Reading: How to make a living as an online media star ].

Twelve ways I earn money online as a Nigerian

I' m proud that a Nigerian online makes genuine, legitimate money. Earning money without having to worry about Paypal and other issues that keep many Nigerians from making money online. You may believe it or not, I make money every day. This article highlights how I earn money online for you. Yes, I have a degree in microbiology, but I have chosen to pursue my passions, which leads me to be where I am today.

In the beginning my blogs didn't really make much point, but I think so much that it will increase over the years and I'm so happy that it makes a great deal of use now. Using my blogs to communicate things I know with others around the globe and at the same times use them to encourage everything I do.

For me, the blogs earn money directly and indirect. And the more I divide things that I know, the more I gain the confidence of many others, and if others believe in you, they will find it easier to buy things that you are selling. Google Adsense is my way of earning money. Adsense allows me to place some Google adverts on my blogs.

When you click on these Google advertisements, Google will pay me. My cheques are sent to me by Google here in Nigeria via DHL and I cashed them at the GTBank via my Dormiziliarkonto. I' m making great money from Adsense every month... you can do it too. It' s a good way to make money, but it needs a while.

Adsense is not for you if you are the hoggish guy looking for a quick way to make money online, because once you try to fool Google you get forbidden for being. Before you can begin earning money from Adsense, you must have a blogs. Have a look at my Google Adsense tutorials to find out more about Google Adsense.

I' m making money on e-books and software. Most of those e-books and software I buy and buy via my blogs post and also some via www.jideweb I am advertising. com I get paid directly to my banking contacts because most of the guys who buy from me are mainly Nigerians for the time being. Anyone who trusts me pays into my giro transfer system and I give them what they are paying for as soon as possible.

They can also earn money by reselling e-books even without having to write an e-book themselves. Earning money by assisting some folks to promote their ministries directly on my blogs. You need your blogs to be big before anyone might be interested in buying you this kind of site. I' m also making money by assisting some folks to promote their business with Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

Also you can begin to make money by providing these sevices when you are learning the fundamentals. A few folks are paying me to post about their sites on my blogs. Now I have a bulkms website: nairaforsms.com and I earn money with the text messaging industry in different ways. Because I use my blogs to promote my text messaging franchise, I find it so simple to win clients without too much hassles.

Earn money buying bulk mail at www.nairaforsms.com. In addition, I help some customers send customized text messages and invoice them for help in addition to the money I earn by reselling text message packages to them. Also, I make money creating the website of BUlkSM for those who don't have enough spare times to read an e-book to create it themselves.

The other ways I earn money online are listed below: Create web sites for customers on the basis of their wishes and get rewarded for it. When you don't know how to create web sites, go and get it so that you can make money with this fast as possible after all. Find out how to use "WordPress" or "Joomla" and you can begin creating fun sites for customers.

Earn money to register domains, especially for blogs who want to update their blog spot addresses to point com. There are some paying me to help them personalize their Facebook fan pages, while others paying me to help them promote their products/services on Facebook. Yes, I make money releasing fast link, Glo NetPro and Airtel modem for those who are interested in using other networking devices on their 3G devices.

They are not the only ways to make money, except that the above are the ones I am focusing on at the moment. Affiliate marketing, site flipping etc. are other ways you can make money online, but I'm not really exploring them for the moment. When you want to make money online without talking around the hot end, either you are selling something or offering money for a service.

Concentrate on a few designs and you will see how the money flows in over the years. Be sure to watch my Money Making Tutors. I will explain more about these ways of earning money in my upcoming contributions. So if you want to receive the tutorials in your e-mail account even if you're not online posting the lessons, please sign up for my blogs.

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