Where can I get help with Money

How can I get help with money?

Unique vouchers for food, transport or pharmacy. Partial payment of electricity, gas or water bills. budgeting or references to other programs. Look at what you have learned about your spending habits by using cash only. budgeting - keeping costs low - avoiding debts and dealing with them.

Financial aid & vouchers | Financial aid & supports

Since the cost of running your business such as rental, meals and electricity continues to increase, a relapse such as illness, losing a job oder an unanticipated bill can make you think your finances are out of hand. At Anglicare we can offer immediate hands-on help and longer-term solution to help you create a more promising world.

Anglicare can offer immediate hands-on help through our portable communal galley and the communal galley in stores if you have difficulty paying for groceries. Anglicare can help you immediately if you have difficulties paying your house bill or need someone to discuss your finances.

Please call us if you need help urgently....

Funding for individual tenants

Franchises are available to the low-income Viktorians who have difficulties to pay their advice prices, as well as pay utilities, energy and utilities costs. But there are other franchises for which you are considered, such as refrigeration and pressure release. Check out the concession searching tools on the DHHS Services website to find out what you can advertise for.

A number of Communities grant bonds through the House Establishment Funds (HEF). It is a programme to financially support those in a situation of shelter. Applicants can submit an application for HEF through a local church organization. Visit our website for a listing of HEF suppliers or use the Infoxchange Services Seeker website to find your nearest HEF supplier.

Paying this amount will help those who receive benefits in situations of difficulty or extremes.

Welfare funds payment transactions | Consulting

When you face costs that you cannot afford because you have a low level of incomes, or because for some reasons you have no money at all, you may be able to get help to meet those costs. You can, for example, receive an advanced deposit for a service you claim or assistance from your municipal councillor or charitable organisation.

When you are on a low salary and need help to cover the cost of a burial you arrange, you may be able to receive a burial payment from the Social Fund. Describes what rental is in advance and when you should make it, how you can buy it in ahead and how you can get help.

When you have been hit by a catastrophe or have run out of money and can't buy essential things like meals or heat, there are relief plans that can help you. Obtain information about contingency fund from your community, money from the government if you are on services and grocery stores.

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